A Tribute to a Hero.

The world lost a hero this weekend, though few people know it. Most of the people touched by his work have never met him, but, he saved their lives just the same.

Dr. Bernard Bihari died on May 16th at the age of 78 years. He was a pioneer and a brave generous man. Dr. Bihari developed the protocol knows as LDN, or Low Dose Naltrexone. It is used to regulate the immune system of people who have MS, Crohn’s Disease, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, CFS, ALS, many types of cancer, and just about any other autoimmune disease you can come up with. Dr. Bihari’s work was the basis for the healing LDN work being done across the globe with Autism, and HIV. He was a brave man, who fought against mainstream medicine to bring his discovery to those who needed it most — his patients.

He helped arrange free LDN through specific pharmacies for cancer and MS patients whose resources were gone because of thier illness.

People who had been given “death sentences” by the world’s best cancer specialists are alive, and living full, cancer free, lives today because of Dr. Bihari and LDN.

Autistic children have broken through the wall of thier condition enough to speak to thier mothers or smile for the first time, or even “recover” from the Autism and live close to normal lives because of Dr. Bihari’s LDN research.

HIV positive people live active lives free of AIDS thanks to Dr. Bihari and his LDN research.

People with Multiple Sclerosis walk, see, talk, feed themselves, and hug thier children again thanks to Dr Bihari and LDN.

People with CFS and Fibro are walking, working, and thriving again due to LDN.

The cases listed above are real people who I know either personally, or through egroups use LDN and have been given thier lives back.

I have never met him, but I most probably owe a portion of every productive thing I will ever do to this man. LDN helped me regain my sight, my coordination, by balance, my energy, even my ability to talk without stuttering.

Thank you, Dr. Bihari for all you did while on this Earth. May you fly with the angels. Nameste, and Go in Peace.


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