yes, sugar really is THAT bad.

Here is a wonderful article from Dr. Mercola that explains the dangers of consuming foods with added sugar. Did you know high fructose corn syrup is in almost every pre-packaged food on the market. And with the economy taking a turn for the worse, the amount of added HFCS is probably increasing, because HFCS is a common way to reduce manufacturing costs.

Oh, and something Dr. Mercola didn’t mention about sugar? Sugar contributes to an acidic environment within the body. When the body is to acidic it becomes ill and cancer cells thrive. Ideally,most people should strive to maintain a slightly alkaline body environment. One of the easiest ways to cut acid in the body and increase alkaline is to cut out all sugar and use a touch of lemon juice in your drinking water once or twice each day.

Here’s the article:

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