Working Fitness Into Your Work Day

Checking in — We’ve all been really quiet lately. How are you making time for your health and wellness?

I started a new “day job” 3 weeks ago. I’m getting ready to start my 4th week with this company. It’s going well, but I’m struggling to find/make time for my personal health and wellness. I’ve had to work it into my daily routine.

I’m making a point to either stand while I’m working, or to sit on the floor. I suppose standing during client meetings is also setting a good example for my clients…

I’ve started using my hour lunch break to go for a walk on M, W, and F. I take my husband with me and we walk for about 40 -45 minutes, depending on time, weather and how he’s doing.  on T and Th, I use my lunch break to take my daughter to classes.  

My coaching team has a daily movement challenge and I try to participate in that most days. One team member has set up a spreadsheet of  a different body weight movement each day. We compete to see who can do the highest number of these movements each day. Friday is was burpees. Ugh! 

That’s what I’m doing to include daily fitness into my routine. 

What about you? How are you incorporating your health and wellness goals into your every day life?

Tell me your thoughts.