Where is the outcry?

I’m feeling angry, upset, and disillusioned with my fellow Americans right now; maybe even with my fellow humans.  Maybe it’s me. Maybe I have my priorities wrong?  Maybe I just don’t understand the world.

Earlier this week, a story broke in the news. No, that’s not right – “broke” is the wrong word, because it implies that the story was major news, and it wasn’t. In fact, even though Americans should be outraged, nobody is willing to talk about it. People ignore the facts and pretend it didn’t happen. This story effects every single person on this planet – from the richest to the poorest, regardless of which country they live in, regardless of their nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender assignment, education level – all those things that people tend to argue over THIS story effects us ALL. And practically nobody is talking about it.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about how the Center for Disease Control has been caught falsifying data. This is not a rumor – it is solid fact. The people responsible have come forward and admitted they lied on important reports and told the American public, in fact, the whole world that all vaccines are safe and effective, when in reality the data showed otherwise.

Take a few minutes to read these articles, and watch these videos.











Does this new information prove that vaccines cause Autism?  Of course not. But this new information does prove that people in the CDC purposefully lied to the American public, and the world. That is an abuse of power and of the public trust. The CDC has a responsibility to the American people, and to the world. That responsibility includes giving honest and factual information – all the time, not just when it’s easy and convenient.

The CDC falsified information, that much is a fact. So, tell me. Why are so very few people talking about this? Why is it not front page news in every major news outlet in the country? Why is this only being talked about in the so-called “underground news”? Explain to me why people are not discussing it on Facebook. Good gracious the stupid Ice Bucket Challenge has gone completely viral. You can’t get away from it. But CDC falsifying documents and outright lying to the public? Nobody is talking about it. I have posted links on my FB to most of the stories I’ve listed above, and you know what? The only person to comment or share or “like” was my husband.

These are a small sampling of the current topics on my FB page, and front page on the major “news” websites world wide:

Ice bucket challenge

Inspirational stories about Robin Williams

A “smart necklace”

Joan Rivers in the hospital

Brad Pitt and Angelina Joli getting married

A video of a Cesarean section being performed -the video is supposed to increase the amount of respect women get.


How are these things more important than a CDC cover up?

Regardless of which side of the vaccine fence you sit on this story effects you. If the CDC lied about vaccine data, what other data are they lying about, hiding, or otherwise covering up? We are expected to trust the CDC as an authority on our health, but we can’t even trust them to release accurate data – and nobody is talking about it.

Open your eyes people. Pay attention to what is important. Maybe you believe vaccines are perfectly safe. Maybe you don’t believe the people who admitted to falsifying the data. Maybe you believe the risk of Autism justifies the use of  vaccines, or maybe you believe that these childhood diseases need to be eliminated, no matter what the cost.. Each of these opinions are valid. But the fact remains that someone – several someone’s perhaps- within the CDC falsified information.. and nobody is talking about it.

I don’t understand that. How can dumping ice water on your head be more important than then integrity of our nation’s top health authority?

Tell me your thoughts.