Vaccination Bullying

I make no apologies, and I don’t try to hide it. I believe whether to vaccinate is a very personal decision that should be made by individual adults, and parents of the effected children. I absolutely do NOT believe that the decision to vaccinate should be decided by governments, city councils, education boards, or even doctors. I support and work toward medical freedom and individual responsibility — That means that I believe that individuals and families should be given the best, most up-to-date information from all viewpoints regarding any and all health concerns, and the final decision should be left up to the person or parents. It doesn’t matter if the doctor disagrees with the patient’s wishes, It doesn’t matter if the nurse disagrees. It doesn’t matter if the neighbor disagrees. And it certainly does not matter if the government disagrees. Health is personal. It’s private. And all decisions regarding one’s health and wellness, and the health and wellness of one’s children are personal and private.

It’s not my business if the kid next door is vaccinated. That is between the kid, her parents, their medical adviser, and their god or conscience. My business is the health of myself, my kids and my husband.

Yesterday, I received an article in my in-box, thanks to  Dr. Tenpenny.

The article reports on a law in Australia that subjects parents who don’t strictly follow the Australia government’s mandated vaccination plan.

The plan is to institute fines of approximately $730 (Australian Dollars) against parents who, for whatever reason, choose not to follow the mandated vaccination schedule. The article states that children with a valid medical reason, signed off by an approved doctor would be exempted from the fine. However, comments online regarding this law seem to indicate that it is next to impossible to obtain that signed off reason from an approved medical doctor.

Yes, this article is talking about Australia,but similar things are happening here in the United States.

The National Vaccine Information Center lists all of the current proposed legislation regarding vaccinations in the US. Let me tell you, the number of state legislators who think they can mandate what a person does with their own body is astounding. What’s next? Dictating what kind of birth control a person has to use? What about forcing a person to undergo medical treatment they don’t want? Would a state government decide to punish a licensed physician for writing a legal vaccine exemption?

Sadly, things DO happen here in the United States.

This is a country that was founded on the principle of leaving each other alone; of not forcing your ideas and beliefs on someone else; on if not respecting other groups, then at least tolerating them, and allowing other people to make their own decisions.

And yet, governments all across the country are telling citizens they are required to undergo a medical procedure, and take a medication against their will. That is wrong.

Would the government force a person to have elective surgery? Would they legislate that every person living in the state of California undergo cosmetic surgery?

Most people reading this will claim the above scenarios are ridiculous. But, it’s no different from forced vaccinations.

Bullying is using threats, physical abuse, and coercion to force a person to do something they would not otherwise do. Look carefully at some of the vaccine laws across the world. Levying a fine on parents for not vaccinating on the government’s schedule is nothing short of bullying.

Tell me your thoughts.