The Vaccine Debate

I don’t care where you stand on the vaccine debate. Pro-vaccine, anti-vaccine, or somewhere in the middle, unless you are my child, my spouse, or my client, your opinions on vaccines are none of my business.

What is my business is people trying to force their opinions on me and my family. The last time I checked, we lived in America, where if it’s not a power given to the federal government by our Constitution, it was up to the states to decide. And if it’s not in a state’s constitution then it’s up to the people to decide. There is nothing in the US Constitution that gives the government the right to decide what I do with my body. In fact, it’s my understanding that the right to decide what to do with one’s own body is protected by the US Constitution, and our congress can make no laws regarding that right.

So, somebody explain to me why so many people are calling for federally mandated vaccines? It’s illegal for the federal government to force vaccines on people. States may have the legal right to mandate vaccines, but it depends on how their constitution is phrased. I’ve looked at the constitutions for a couple of states and found nothing that makes it legal for those states to pass mandatory vaccination laws, either.

Some people believe that vaccines are perfectly safe, effective, and necessary for public health. They have the right to that opinion, and also the right to buy and pay for vaccinations for their family. Nothing is stopping those people from using a product they believe in.

Some people believe vaccinations are toxic and dangerous; that they are not worth the risk. Those people have the right to refrain from using vaccinations.

Other people are on the fence about vaccination, and choose to use a modified schedule, or pick and choose which vaccinations they will use. They have that right.

The bottom line here is that nobody.. absolutely NOBODY has the right to tell you what do do with your body. Your body belongs to you. It is a vital part of what makes you who and what you are. Only you can make healthcare decisions for yourself. You have the responsibility to do your own research, learn all you can about any medical procedure or drug before you use it, and make those decisions for yourself. You also have the responsibility to allow other people to do the same. And, I believe we each have the responsibility to support and defend every person’s inherent right to make those decisions for themselves.

I have one question for all those people calling for mandated and forced vaccinations: If it’s okay for the government to force vaccinations, then what will stop them from forcing mandatory abortion, surgery, medications or any other health procedure? How would you feel if you were anti-abortion and the government forced you to undergo mandatory abortion?

It’s the same thing.


(note: My mention of abortion above does not in any way mean I am anti-abortion. I believe that abortion is a medical procedure, and I support any person’s right to have or not have any medical procedure they choose.)



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