“The Lord was with him.”

I witnessed a miracle on November 9. Or, rather my son did.

We have an RV in a small college town about 2 hours from out home. Right now my husband and I stay in the RV during the week. Our (now) 16 year old daughter is a Sophomore at the college there. She was 14 when she started as a Freshman and so living in our RV solved the housing problem during the school year.

Yesterday was our daughter’s 16th birthday. Our son decided to surprise her by coming down after work yesterday evening. He planned to make the 2 hr drive back home last night but he had been up since 330 am because he goes into work at 4 am. So, I told him to sleep here and go home in the morning. He was asleep by 9 pm.

At 230 am or so I woke him up to head home. He was awake and fine.

I called him at 330 to check on him and he said he was fine. He’s usually up at 330 am most days.

At 4 am he called me. “I’m sorry Mom.” He sounded shaken.

When I asked him what happened he said he ran off the road, but that he was unhurt. After I made certain he was not hurt I asked about his truck. His answer was a simple, “Nah.”

I told him to send me his coordinate link and that his dad and I were on our way.

He was about an hour from our RV. When we were about a mile away my husband texted him to ask where exactly. He answered with “The middle.”

My son had crashed his truck on the median strip of a major Interstate.

When I got close enough to see the flashing lights I realized there was a guard fence between me and the accident. I had to go up to the next exit and approach from the other side.

Passenger side

When I pulled in behind the state trooper I saw that my son’s truck was sitting maybe 2 car lengths away from on coming traffic lanes. He had run over the guard fence, and gone through most of the median almost into the other side of the highway.

When I got out of my car all I saw was flashing lights from the police car. So I hollered my son’s name. A voice answered from my right, ” He’s fine, Mom. The Lord was with him. He’s in my backseat keeping warm.”

Driver’s side

I didn’t realize it, but the flashing police car was right next to me, and my son was in it. I looked down at the officer and asked if I could reach through the open back window. The officer laughed and said something along the lines of “of course.”

My son leaned over and let me hug him as much as I could. When I was ready to let go, I asked the officer if I could take my boy home with me. His answer was, “Yep. He’s good to go.”

It was determined that my son wasn’t speeding, and had done everything he possibly could to avoid the wreck, so no tickets.

I didn’t get a good look at the truck yesterday morning. By the time I got there, they already had it up on the tow truck. And, to be honest, I wasn’t thinking about the truck at all. I was entirely focused on my son. I had a difficult time letting go of my boy long enough to walk back to my car so I could leave.

Later yesterday afternoon, after I had assured myself that he was safe, and it was okay to let him out of my sight, I went down to the tow yard to look at the truck. (Plus I absolutely had to go back to the college town. I had to get my daughter from school. She had gotten a ride to classes, but needed a ride back to the RV.)

When I asked the guy at the tow yard about the silver Dodge Ram that had come in that morning. He made the comment that it was “tore up.” I told him my son was driving it, and the guy froze. You could see the color drain out of his face. I told him that my son walked away with out a scratch and he answered with, “Wow! That’s all that matters. The truck can be replaced. Your son is so Blessed.”

This used to be the driver side front tire.

The truck suffered severe damage on every side except the roof. In fact the roof, windows and driver side mirror are the only parts of the truck not damaged in the wreck.

The pictures are scary, to be sure. But, the part that scared me the most is where the truck came to to a stop. He was no more than two truck widths (not lengths) away from landing in the left lane of on-coming traffic.

I usually keep my posts health related. After all, this is a health website. But, today I want to remind you to see the blessings in your life. Keep your family, both biological and chosen, close, and make sure they always know how much they mean to you.

Remember that God (in all His forms) is with you, caring for you and your family. God is faithful and never leaves us.

With everything going on in my family’s life right now I struggle to remember that God has this and is working for our greatest good. My son’s car wreck is a very dramatic reminder that God is with us. I could have lost my boy Tuesday morning. Honestly, I still can’t think about what could have happened Tuesday morning.

But, God was with him. God saved his life. The fact that he walked away from this wreck without even a scratch is clear evidence that God protected him.

And I am forever Grateful.

Tell me your thoughts.