My husband needs quite a bit of dental work, and tooth infections are a fairly common occurrence for him. Over the last 9 years, I’ve learned the best methods to counter these infections, and my husband has not needed to use prescription antibiotics to treat these infections since he met me.  So, when he developed a tooth infection in a back, lower tooth a month ago, I didn’t worry about it too much. It seemed like a fairly intense infection because his jaw was swollen. It looked like he had a couple golf balls stashed away in there. I went out and bought my favorite brand of colloidal silver from our local natural health store, and reminded my husband how to use it to kill the infection.

Two days after starting the CS, the swelling in my husband’s jaw was reduced by half and the severe pain was gone. Two days after that the swelling was gone. On the fifth day, my husband finished the bottle of colloidal silver I bought him.  I suggested he go by the natural health store on his way home from work and pick up another bottle.  I thought he needed another week to completely kill the infection.

My husband decided that since the swelling and pain were both completely gone that he was probably okay, and didn’t follow my suggestion.

He was fine for about a week.  Ten days later, on a Saturday morning, he woke up and his jaw was swollen to about the size of a tennis ball. He couldn’t talk, he couldn’t swallow, and was having trouble breathing, and it hurt like nothing he’d ever felt before.  I suspected a Staph infection and sent him to our local Urgent Care because natural healing takes time, patience and persistence. I recognized that my husband did not have the patience and persistence at that time to go through the natural protocols needed to deal with a Staph infection in his mouth. I was hoping they would give him an antibiotic shot,. to Urgent Care he went. The Urgent Care staff disagreed with me. They gave him a 10 day prescription for oral Amoxil and sent him home. Now, remember, my husband could barely swallow or breathe because the swelling was so severe. He did his best to choke down his antibiotics, and I gave him nourishing teas, and immune supports to help his body fight the infection more effectively and help relieve the pain. By Sunday evening the pain and swelling were even worse, and he could no longer talk because of the swelling in his mouth. He had developed a high fever, chills, nausea, and body aches. We called urgent care back and let them know he was getting worse, instead of better and asked for an antibiotic shot, or, at the very least, blood work to tell us what kind of infection this was. At this point I was absolutely convinced my husband had a Staph infection because he didn’t kill all the bacteria the first time around when he didn’t finish the CS protocol. Urgent Care told us “No. It takes a few days for the antibiotics to work. You’re fine.”

Overnight, he was in a huge amount of pain, and the fever, chills, nausea, and aches continued.  I suggested we go to the ER. I was relatively sure they would admit him for I.V. antibiotics. Repeatedly, he told me he didn’t need to go to the ER.

Monday morning, my husband got up and started getting ready for work. Urgent Care had told him he was fine, therefore, in his mind, there was no reason for him not to go to work –Until he almost passed out in the shower from lack of oxygen.  He made his way to our bedroom and landed hard on our bed.

“I think I need to go in,” he mumbled. “I almost passed out in the shower because the swelling is putting pressure on my windpipe and I feel like I’m choking.”

Luckily, my 18 year old daughter had the day off from school. I turned my 3 younger kids over to her with homeschool instructions for the day. Before we left, I pulled her aside and told her that the hospital would likely admit him.

We got checked in at the ER. We were lucky, the waiting room was empty and the ER seemed close to empty as well. We didn’t wait more than ten minutes before the doctor looked at my husband. After about two minutes, he declared that they would be admitting my husband to the hospital. Then the Dr. ordered blood work and a culture of the infected area.

The hospital started I.V. antibiotics right away. He received I.V antibiotics every 6 hours for three days, and had to pull the tooth before the infection started to fade away. When the blood work and cultures came back they confirmed my suspicions. My husband had a Staph infection. The infectious disease doc suspected MRSA, but luckily that came back negative.

The infectious disease doc and I talked a bit. I was surprised to learn that she was familiar with CS and alternative methods for fighting bacterial infections. I asked her flat out if she thought not taking that second week of CS caused my husband’s Staph infection. Obviously, she wouldn’t confirm or deny that, but she told me what I  already knew. When a person does not use their chosen bacteria fighting protocol long enough the protocol only kills the weaker bacteria. The stronger ones survive and recover from your bacteria killing efforts. When they reproduce those little buggies are stronger than the “parents” were. That is how antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria are bred.

So.. the next time you have a bacterial infection, remember my husband’s hard learned lesson — always finish your protocol even if you feel better.

Tell me your thoughts.