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Hey guys, it’s *Finally* here. I’ve taken the 21 most commented on posts and turned them into an ebook.

Curious about which posts they are?

Most of the comments have been emails to me, and not comments on the website — comments/emails are NOT included in the book. I decided that if a post was important enough for readers to take the time to send me an email, then it was important enough to include in an ebook.

It’s available on Amazon. Click on the image to the right to go to the Amazon page.

I’ll have it available other places, including Scribd sometime soon. I’m planning to set it up to be available in paperback on Amazon, but that project got sidelined by SNOW last night.


Yes.. SNOW.. did I mention we live in the Deep South? Currently I have about 3 inches of snow in my yard, and it’s cold enough that it’s not going anywhere soon. While my husband was driving into work this morning we learned that the only highway into the big town where he works will be close for a while — according to the state troopers there were “several semi trucks blocking the highway and nobody is getting through.”  The highest amount of accumulation across the state is 3.2 inches, and yet the entire state is pretty much shut down. Every school system across the state is closed, and several have already closed for tomorrow. City offices are closed, most businesses are closed, and several counties have issued warnings that ALL roads are closed and/or impassable. (including our county).You know.. I used to laugh at the Southern reaction to snow,  from my “nothing closes until there is 3 feet on the ground” city in Nebraska. Now that I’m here…. I still find it amusing. But.. truthfully, it’s safer to close everything down when there is snow or ice on the roads, because most people down here do NOT know how to drive in it.

Stay safe everyone, and go check out the book.





  • Cathy
    Posted February 4, 2018 7:33 am 0Likes

    Congrats on the book!

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