Supplements and diet suggestions

Fish oil –1200 mg caps… 3 caps 3X/ day  — According to what we’ve found you should take between 3 and 9 grams of fish oil for myelin repair.

Calcium + D — 500mg 2 caps 2 or 3 X/day. Calcium helps with transmitting the electrical signals. Make sure your calcium has vit. D in it. The body need Vit D to help absorb calcium. There have also been studies that show high intake of Vit D can slow progression of MS or help prevent it.

Magnesium – up to 1500 mg per day. Magnesium works with calcium to help nerve signals get from point “A” to point “B”  Take Magnesium with calcium, and at night if you have restless leg syndrome or spasticity at night. It works wonders. — Usually, I take 250 mg pills… 2 tabs, 3-4 times a day.

Coenzyme Q 10   (COQ10) — I’m taking 150 mg once a day, in the morning. Honest answer.. I’m not sure if it’s helping or not.  It’s supposed to help the body produce energy faster. This is what the B vitamins break down into.  I’m not sure if I notice a difference or not. I just upped my daily dosage from 50mg per day to 150mg per day… so we’ll see if that makes a difference

B-Complex Sublingual Liquid.   This stuff is absolutely great. The formula I take is made by Spring Valley. It has 100 % Riboflavin (B 12), 100% Niacin, 100% B- 6, 20000% B – 12, and 300% Pantothenic Acid.   It helps with energy. Since my last flare up, I’m always tired shortly after breakfast. I take 1 mg  B – Complex and 15 minutes later I feel better.
I take 1 mg in the morning after breakfast, with my other supplements, and then take it during the day as needed.

MSM with Glucosamine – 500mg  I have a lot of joint and muscular pain. I take 2 caps MSM 2 or 3 times a day. It helps a lot with the pain.

St John’s Wort – 300mg standardized.   MS can cause depression. St John’s Wart helps. I take 2 caps, usually just in the morning

Ginseng (Spring Valley brand… not sure of the strength)   I take 2 caps 2 or 3 X a day.. really helps with the “ms fog” for lack of a better phrase. I really notice a difference in how clearly I think when I take it. Ginko will work, too.. but I’m breastfeeding our daughter, and I’m not entirely sure ginko is safe for breastfeeding.

Cayenne Fruit 40,000 STU — This helps boost metabolism. I’m fighting with losing the weight I gained when I was pregnant with our now 15 month daughter. 3 caps, 3 X/ day

Soya Lecithin (put out by Nature Made) ..I just started taking this. Lecithin is supposed to work with the fish oil to repair damaged myelin.  I take 1 cap 3X/ day.

Cranberry fruit 1680 mg + Vitamin C  — I take this when I’ve eaten something with MSG or gluten in it. Cranberry is a natural cleanser… it helps flush out the system.

Avoid MSG, gluten and aspertame (nutri-sweet).  Most of the people in the mscured group I’m on are sensitive to those substances. Basically, (the theory is ) the body has a sensitivity to them, similar to an allergic reaction, which causes the white blood cells to overload and attack the myelin.

Personally, when I eat something with either MSG or gluten in it ( I’ve never used artificial sweeteners) I have symptoms within an hour or two. Same thing when I eat meat. So I don’t eat meat, or anything processed, if I can help it. Makes eating out tough, but it’s reduced my symptoms.

Tell me your thoughts.