Sinus Infection? Skip The Antibiotics

Last year I experienced my first sinus infection in, I don’t know, easily 10 years.  As I started improving my immune system and paying closer attention to my health as part of my MS recovery, I simply stopped getting sinus infections, bronchitis and pneumonia. It’s been a great thing.

Last November the stress level in my world skyrocketed. It’s not bad stress, mind you, just different.  Local homeschooling laws changed to allow homeschooled kids in our state to participate in sports and other extra-curricular activities. Our youngest daughter plays clarinet and the homeschool band options within two hours of our home are practically non-existent. She plays with the same community bands I play with, but there were few musicians under 21 in either of them.

So, when the band director at one of the local schools asked my daughter to join his band, my daughter jumped on it.

It’s a great experience for her. The band and the director treat her well, It’s a small school, and they are as happy to have her as she is to be there.

But, making this happen for her is a huge stress inducer for me. You see, we have one car and my husband works about an hour away from home. So.. I get up at 5 am, and drive him to work so that I can have the car. The school is only about 16 miles from our home. It’s not a long drive at all. But I spend two hours on the road, morning and afternoon getting my husband back and forth to his job.

Then, at the end of last year, the band director asked if my son would be willing to march bass drum. Like I mentioned, it’s a small school. The marching band was expecting to have 58 people. They needed 60 to graduate to the next level up. With that change in band size comes a  very much-needed increase in bond and grant money from the county and state. My son agreed.

Unfortunately, this means I’m driving to-and-from the school every morning, so my daughter can attend band class, and every afternoon, so my son can attend his band class. Marching band practice happens twice a week after school. Yes, the kids are in different band classes. Even though she’s solidly doing high school work, my daughter is not yet 13. Since he had the choice, the band director asked her to play with the jr. high band this year. She is the strongest clarinet player in her band, and plays first part, first chair — and he’s asked her to teach clarinet to two students. (Band director is a brass guy) My son is 16 next week, and plays with the high school group.

Do the math….that’s 2 hours of driving every morning, and every evening to get my husband to and from work, AND several trips to and from the school. Instead of driving home after I drop a kid to band, I sit at a park about a mile away from the school. The child who is not currently in band goes with me, and we do homeschool work at the park while we wait for the sibling. It takes about 20 minutes to get from our home to the school — we live in the country, no freeway for us, and band class lasts an hour and a half.

So.. that means.. 4 hours a day driving my husband to and from plus 3 hours waiting for band classes and about another hour driving to and from the school. That’s a full 8 hours of my day. My day starts at 5 am to ensure that all these things AND homeschooling can happen.

(NOW you understand why I’m so quiet here.. )

It works. And I do enjoy the time at the park every day. But, all the driving is stressful enough that ended up with a sinus infection.

Last Thursday I started getting dizzy. Not MS dizzy, but different. When I slowed down to pay attention, I realized I had slight sinus pressure — A sinus infection. I knew I wanted an alternative to antibiotics. My gut bacteria is pretty well-balanced now, and I don’t want to mess it up. So, I turned to my first choice — raw garlic.

Raw garlic is great, and I know it works. I’ve successfully used raw garlic to deal with bronchitis and pneumonia several times. But, it is very inconvenient. You have to eat a clove of garlic several times a day, and with all the running around I’m doing, I was concerned I’d forget to bring it with me. For some reason, my husband didn’t appreciate me keeping a bulb of raw garlic in the car…(nope, he’s not a fan of the smell)

It occurred to me that I could put colloidal silver in my breathing machine (SVN – For inhaling asthma medications)  and breathe it in through my nose.

I started this on Friday evening, after a day of eating raw garlic every 90 minutes. Before I left to get my husband from work I put on a batch of colloidal silver. (yes, we make our own). When it was ready I filled the medicine cup of my “breathing machine” and sat down to inhale the CS.

I did this a second time before we went to bed Friday night. For the second treatment, I added two drops of hydrogen peroxide to the colloidal silver.

On Saturday, I noticed the dizziness had decreased. I did four CS and hydrogen peroxide treatments on Saturday and four more on Sunday. By Monday morning, all the sinus infection symptoms were gone. I treated twice Monday and will do it twice today, to be sure it’s completely cleared up. But I wanted to share with you that this does work.

I make my own colloidal silver, but you can purchase CS at most natural health stores.







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