Simple Diaper Rash Remedies

Here are a few remedies for simple diaper rash.

Plantain leaves help heal the rash while easing pain and itching. Simply place a few leaves on baby’s bare skin before you diaper the baby. Use fresh leaves at every diaper change. You can also use plantain oil on baby’s skin in place of ointments.

A paste of slippery elm powder and honey applied to the diaper area as an ointment will heal diaper rash.

Comfrey in known for its wound healing abilities. Use comfrey ointment on baby’s tender skin.

If baby’s rash is caused by s, you’ll need to be a bit more assertive in treating it.

Try coating the rash with egg white. Let the egg dry completely before diapering baby.  This will kill the yeast by cutting off it’s oxygen supply.
Slippery elm gruel or a light clay mixture will do the same. (available at some health food or herbal stores.)

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