Sept 23,2007

I went to my daughter’s college football game yesterday! AND I sat through the entire game without having to leave due to MS symptoms!!

No, daughter doesn’t play football, (although, her younger sister  does) Ms13andincollege plays clarinet in her college pep band. Anyway, I went to the game to watch her play

Usually, I can only handle an hour or two in the sun before MS symptoms leave me dizzy, off balance and unable to see. Yesterday, I not only stayed for the entire game, but I was able to follow the ball, and participate in the cheers and everything that goes along with being at a college football game!

Granted, when I got up from the stands, my balance and eyes gave out on me and I kind of stumbled all the way home.

But last year at this time, I couldn’t even make it all the way through the high school football games and they were at night, not in the afternoon heat like the college games.

Every journey starts with one small step. It’s obvious to me that the supplements and dietary changes I’ve made are doing their job to stop further damage from occurring and help repair nerve damage that has already happened.

Celebrate the small successes.

For those of you who have asked — I have not started the LDN yet. I’m looking for a local doctor to write the script. There are close to 100 doctors across the US who will prescribe LDN for MS, I’m hoping to see one fairly local to me.

Tell me your thoughts.