12 Week individual coaching package

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Individual coaching offers the benefit of allowing you to dive deeply into your goals, motivations, and struggles in every area of your life. The private nature of individual coaching encourages people to be completely honest with their coach and themselves.

In the 12 week program, you’ll focus on achieving 1 to 3 goals that put you on the road to living your best life!

We will meet in-person or on video conference every other week. During our calls you will learn to define, develop, and set goals that are important to you and will move you forward toward your big dreams. We’ll talk about what’s holding you back, and develop a solid, workable plan to get you through the challenges you face.

Between sessions I’ll send you a wide variety of resources to help you. I have a huge library of health and wellness articles, videos, book suggestions, podcasts and other learning materials so that you always feel that you have the knowledge to make great decisions for your health and your life.

You and I will stay in touch through email or text between sessions. You can email or text me as often as you’d like.

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