Preserving Garlic

One of my favorite herbs is garlic. It’s anti-biotic, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties can’t be beat. Garlic is easy to obtain, and very simple to grow in your back yard, if you’re so inclined. I eat two raw garlic cloves each morning to bring down my high blood pressure, and I cook with garlic every chance I get to help keep everyone’s circulatory system strong.

Since I use organic whenever I can, it’s cheaper and more efficient for me to grow garlic in my garden. At harvest time, I have a LOT of garlic to contend with. Instead of trying to store it all fresh I make my own garlic oil and garlic powder. Both are simple to make.

Garlic Oil –

1. Select a wide mouth, glass jar with a screw on lid. Canning jars work well, but I also save glass peanut butter and salsa jars (with lids) for this purpose.

2. Peel enough garlic to fill the jar about halfway. Lightly crush the garlic, and place in your jar.

3. Fill the jar to the brim with olive oil – cold pressed, extra virgin is best.

4. Screw the lid tightly on the jar and label with contents and date prepared.

5. Place the jar in a warm place for 2 weeks.

If you’re going to be storing the oil for a while do not strain after the 2 weeks are up. Simply move to your long term storage area. When you’re ready to use the oil, strain it into the bottle you keep for serving and using your garlic oil.

Garlic oil prepared this way is suitable of medicinal needs (such as ear infections, antibiotic uses, and anti-fungal uses), and cooking.

Garlic Powder-

1. Peel, and crush 10 or more bulbs of fresh garlic.

2. Place in food dehydrator (or oven). Dehydrate on low to medium setting until all garlic is fully dried.

3. Process with chopping blade of food processor until powdered. (of course, you can use a mortar and pestle, if you prefer)

4. Transfer powder into glass spice bottles, screw on the lid, and label.

Store garlic powder in a cool, dry, place until ready to use.

Garlic powder can be used for medicinal uses, and cooking.

Tell me your thoughts.