In case you haven’t noticed yet, there’s a new page on msquill. My podcast page!

I’ve started a podcast called Chronic Illness Toolbox. You’ll find my list of podcasts here

I’m focusing on a different topic every month or so. This month the topic is mindset. You’ll learn why what you think and how you think is an important piece of the health puzzle.

The next episode will be released on January 24, 2022, and features in interview with Transformational Coach Marianne Renner.

Marianne is an incredible example of a person who has overcome chronic illness and gone on to thrive. She’s an inspiration to many people, including me. Her personal health story, business success, and practical suggestions for changing mindset and managing mood, demonstrate that what you think, and how you think, can change your life. 

I hope you tune in to hear her story, and how she overcame her chronic illness!

Tell me your thoughts.