one week on ldn

It’s been almost a week on the LDN and all seems to be going well. I increased my dosage to 3.0 mg and I feel great. I’ve had no dizziness or pain since I started the LDN. Although, after I increased from 1.5 to 3.0 my vision flaked out again. No worse than it usually is, but not as great as it was the first few days on ldn. So.. I don’t know, maybe I increased too quickly or maybe it’s a healing reaction. I’m not sure. Target dosage is 4.5 mg, but I think I’m going to wait  few weeks before I increase again.

I do know my family is thrilled by the changes brought on since I started the low dose naltrexone. I have a lot more energy and oceans of patience. Which is good because I have 6 kids to keep up with.

All my kids, and my husband say they notice a difference in my patience and energy levels. I was able to take my boys to the library three times this week, and I spent several hours outside, playing in fallen leaves with my kids. We had a blast, and I wasn’t exhausted afterward. Normally, I would be.

Of course, ldn is actually only meant to stop progression of multiple sclerosis. All current symptom reduction is just an added benefit.

And as far and stopping disease progression goes — I met someone this week who has been treating her ms with ldn for almost 10 years. In those 10 years she has had absolutely NO flare ups, and her MRIs have actually shown reduced brain and spinal lesions.

Encouraging, yes?

Tell me your thoughts.