Seven years ago, give or take a few months, my team of doctors told my husband and I to “start shopping for a nursing home. She’s going to need it in 6 months to a year.”  The Multiple Sclerosis changed from RRMS to SPMS and had taken me down. HARD,.  I couldn’t speak without stuttering, I had joint and muscle pain so intense that I could barely hold a fork. Dressing myself was just about impossible because my range of  motion was compromised.  I had Optic Neuritis and could no longer read or drive. Fatigue meant that I needed a nap twice a day and usually was in bed by 930 pm..  I had muscle spasms in my legs, arms and hands. Basically everything I tried to do was difficult or impossible. My body had betrayed me.   The doctors told me “we’re sorry. There is nothing we can do to stop it. We can give you drugs to deaden the pain, but your ms will progress.”

I decided I didn’t like that answer, and I walked away from the neurologist, the tests, and the drugs, and ventured out on my own into the world called Alternative Medicine.  I had the support of my husband and my kids – Everyone else I knew thought I was either being stupid or just plain crazy.

I started to make a come back. It’s not been steady progress, there have been set backs,  frustrations and failures. But I’m always learning, always striving to meet that next goal.

Last night I donned armor, and took up a sword and shield to start learning SCA sword fighting. According to those more experienced than I my armor was “light”, as was my shield. They felt very.. very heavy to me – but I managed. I could move under the weight, and I was able to get out there and learn to use the shield and learn some basic swings with my rattan sword.  After about 15 minutes, I was exhausted, and just done. But it’s a start.

This morning, I am sore, my muscles are tight, and my coordination is off just a bit. My hands are a tad swollen, and all my core muscles seem to hurt. Especially those I didn’t realize I had. But, I figure THAT part, at least is “normal.”  As the morning goes on, my muscles are starting to loosen up a bit.

Overall, it was a lot of fun. I’ve decided to go back. I might not be able to fight every week, because my recovery time is longer than someone without ms, but I can live with that.

Not bad for a chick who was told her life was just about over, huh?

Tell me your thoughts.