Navigating the sea of physicians

I found the coolest doctor. Finally! It only took me 4 MONTHS of research, but I think I found a doctor here that my family and I can work with and be comfortable with.

If you’ve been reading, you know I was in the hospital a few weeks ago for a killer asthma attack.. of course I needed to follow up on that , so I got serious about finding a new doctor. Since the move, I’ve been calling and interviewing about one doctor ever 2 weeks or so. Trying to find some one who is knowledgable (or at least willing to work with.. ) about alternative treatments – specifically herbals, nutrition and LDN.

Ive been having a really difficult time. It seems conventional medicine is alive, thriving and king here in Nebraska.  The mere mention of herbal treatments and nutritional therapy has been met with comments like “we don’t do that HERE” and “Well, what do you expect, this IS Nebraska, you’ll have to go back to where ever you came from if you want that” I even had one MD tell me “well, if that really works then there must be nothing wrong with you that a good psychiatrist can’t fix because you can’t treat ANY illness with nutrition”

I had almost given up.

Until yesterday.

After 30 referrals from friends, and a phone call to my insurance company, countless phone interviews I *finally* found a doctor I can work with.

He’s a D.O and although he isn’t particularly up on the latest alternative treatments, he was at least knowledgeable enough to know what I was talking about and to understand that yes, certain nutrients CAN be used to treat illness. He had never heard of using low dose naltrexone in the treatment of MS, but he did listen and took down the info on clinical trials I shared with him. So, maybe he’ll research it and start using ldn for some of his MS, Crohn’s and cancer patients. Who knows.. but at least the next time he hears “ldn” he’ll have at least passing knowledge of what it can be used for and how it works.

His nurse was very up on nutrition and supplements. We had a good 10 minute conversation about gluten and msg and the damage they can do to the body. She also keeps her family msg and chemical free.

He was also very comfortable with the idea that I can and will do my own research into any treatment option before I put anything into my body.

“If all my patients were as informed as you, my job would be a whole lot easier, ” he told me.

I like a doctor who likes his patients to be informed.

Tell me your thoughts.