more ldn

So, I made the decision last week and ordered naltrexone to make my own LDN. Yes, it would be easier to have it prescribed and made for me at a compounding pharmacy. But the nearest Dr who prescribes LDN is several hours away from me, in a different state, and of course my medical insurance won’t pay for a visit to her. And since insurance won’t pay for LDN, anyway, I found it easier and probably less expensive to do a telephone consult with a physician and obtain the script that way. Dr wrote the script for the standard 50mg naltrexone tabs so I can make LDN myself and save the compounding pharmacy fees.

I’ll start the LDN in the next several weeks and keep you all posted on my results.

And with other things, my supplements are still working well. The dizzy spells have reduced to one every week or so — and it’s weird..the last few dizzy spells have lasted less than 1 min each, but shortly afterwards I start stuttering. The stuttering then progresses to my balance being off. After I take a nap of usually 2 hours, I’m fine.  I’m not sure what’s causing it but we’ve had a couple of financially tight weeks and I was out of some of my supplements for a week or two, so that could be it.

Does anybody else wonder what will happen to the supplement industry after the election? So many people, including many of the presidential candidates want to over regulate vitamin and mineral supplements, even making them prescription. If that happens, what happens to those of us who use alternative medicine – including supplements? We’ll be forced into standard medical treatments we don’t want or don’t work for us in place of alternative treatments that do.

There’s only one candidate out of all the current hopefuls who isn’t interested in controlling my treatment choices – that candidate is Dr. Ron Paul. I’ve never been interested in politics, most of them are dishonest crooks. But if Ron Paul treats his presidency with the same respect he’s treated his 10 terms in congress then we’ll all be better off. I’ll be voting in the presidential election for the first time, because I think we finally have a presidential candidate worth voting for.

Tell me your thoughts.