Memory and Aging

So many people blindly accept memory difficulties as a standard part of the process of getting older. Modern doctors tell us to just accept it, but they are wrong. Memory loss and difficulty thinking does not have to be part of the ageing process. In cultures that don’t rely on drugs, fake foods, MSG, and other chemicals that are not natural to human consumption the elderly populations experience far less memory and thinking difficulties than we do. It’s not unusual for elders in other cultures to be respected and consulted for the depth and breadth of their knowledge, experience and wisdom.


What makes them different? I believe that at the most basic level the difference is in their lifestyle.

So called “primitive” cultures retain their cognitive function into old age because:

  • of the lack of man-made and manufactured/isolated substances in their diet and their environment.
  • Higher Vitamin D levels
  • Lack of artificial stress
  • Natural diet throughout lifespan
  • Much more active lifestyle throughout lifespan
  • Better mental health
  • A sense of being needed and valued even into old age
  • Stronger/more adaptable  immune system
  • Lack of exposure and use of pharmaceutical drugs
  • No fluoride in the drinking water
  • No immunizations
  • Gut bacteria is mostly intact, making for better breakdown and assimilation of nutrients from food
  • Stronger sense of communit

The above is my opinion based on what I have read, observed, studied, and experienced. Dr. Mercola has good recommendations for preserving memory for those of us living in the developed world.

Tell me your thoughts.