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Today is March 8. Thousands of “Feminists” are marching across the country as some sort of protest to support “women’s rights.”

Here, in the United States, where women enjoy all the exact same privileges and responsibilities as men, women are protesting for greater equality.  I don’t get it.

I am an American woman, and while I have experienced isolated episodes of discrimination and poor treatment by males because of my sex, those instances have been the exception and not the rule.

As a child in the ’70’s and a teen in the ’80’s I was given the exact same access to education as my male classmates. In fact, I out performed most of them and was always in the top 5% of any school I attended. In my late teens, I was accepted to a prestigious pre-med program at a well-known college. I was unable to attend, but that had nothing to do with sex, and everything to do with family circumstances.

As an adult I have always received fair pay in my jobs. When I had children, it was my choice to be a stay-at-home mother and to homeschool my kids. I found myself in a position where I needed to work in order to support my kids. So, I started my own business. I didn’t depend on any form of government assistance, and I had no family assistance. I took advantage of the opportunities and freedoms I possessed as an American citizen.

Feminism used to be about EQUAL rights and EQUAL treatment under the law. Today’s “feminists” seem to want special treatment, not equal.

But, American citizens, male and female, are having their basic freedoms repressed when it comes to health and wellness care.

While modern-day “feminists” complain about issues that don’t exist, the government continues to slowly and quietly take way citizens’ health care freedom.

Abortion is not a woman’s issue, it’s a health care issue, it’s a personal freedom issue. . Every woman across this planet should have the ability to choose whether or not she wants to get pregnant and if she wants to carry or terminate a pregnancy. It’s a basic human rights issue. And it boils down to this— every human on the planet has the right to determine what happens with their own body. It’s called being in control of yourself. Some make the argument that a woman who has an abortion is taking away the right of the fetus to make that decision. That might be the case, but it’s not for me, or you, or the government to make that decision. THAT is a spiritual decision, and is between the woman and whatever god or spiritual aspect she believes in.

Cancer treatment in this country is typically dictated by insurance companies, and the government. A person with cancer who chooses to use an alternative treatment must travel outside the country to receive treatment because the only “legal” cancer treatments are those sanctioned by the insurance companies, the FDA, and the AMA. In cases where a teen has wanted to opt out of chemo or radiation and use alternative treatments, parents have been charged and prosecuted for child abuse for supporting the decision of their teen.

People with MS are discriminated against if they choose not to use the usual “disease modifying drugs” in favor of natural protocols which are oftentimes more effective with fewer, and less painful side effects. As a person who chooses not to use allopathic medicine to treat my Multiple Sclerosis, I am treated like an outcast, like there is somehow something inherently wrong with my ability to think and reason by those few medical people I do come in contact with. Doctors refuse to see me even for matters unrelated to the MS.

People who choose not to vaccinate themselves or their children are treated like criminals by the medical profession, school administrators, and society in general. Our modern system of governance deems it appropriate to use laws to force people to take a drug they don’t want. Forcing vaccination on people who don’t want it is no different from making it legally impossible for a woman to get an abortion. It’s a violation of a person’s God-given right to control their own body.

The American government has forced citizens to purchase a private service whether they want it or not. Yes, I’m talking about government mandated health insurance. The American government has no authority to mandate that a citizen purchase ANY good or service, and laws to the contrary are an assault on individual freedoms.

Allowing food processing companies who use genetically modified “foods” to sell these items without labeling them is another assault on our freedom. When people purchase fresh food, they expect those foods to be exactly what they claim. But, GMO “foods” are not what they appear or present themselves to be. Americans who wish to choose non-GMO foods should be freely and easily able to do so.

When you go to the doctor, you can only take the prescribed medication that your physician recommends. Most times alternatives are not discussed. Doctors recommend the drugs that are currently being pushed by the FDA, AMA and other medical bodies. Those options might not be the best ones for that particular patient, but the doctor can’t recommend others. Examples include marijuana for pain, and low dose naltrexone (LND) for auto-immune disease.  LDN is an off label use of the drug naltrexone, and even though multiple studies around the world have shown LDN to be safe, and extremely effective for auto-immune diseases of any nature few physicians will prescribe it for fear of lawsuits, and getting on the wrong side of insurance companies and government regulators. As for marijuana, out-dated federal laws still make it illegal to use or possess this natural, medicinal plant.

THESE are the suppression of rights that effect each and every American citizen. While men and women trample each other the American government is trampling us all by slowly and steadily limiting our rights to choose what we put into our bodies, and how we manage our health.

And, controlling people’s health leads to controlling their lives.


  • Alexandria Heather
    Posted March 8, 2017 11:40 am 0Likes

    Really great article and the point can’t be driven home enough.

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