Lemon Egg Calcium Supplement

Last Monday, I posted a link to a recipe for a homemade calcium supplement made from egg shells and lemon juice. Late last week  I decided to try the recipe and see what happened. I think it worked well. My only complaint is there are little white balls of soft eggshell that didn’t dissolve completely in the lemon juice. When the mixture sits in the fridge for any length of time it starts to separate, and you have to stir well before you use it. Other than that, the lemon egg can be used exactly like unaltered lemon juice.

Here is what I did:

  1.  I peeled and juiced 4 lemons. I used my juicer to do this. You’ll probably get less juice from each lemon if you juice by hand.
  2.  I poured the lemon juice in a wide mouth jar. I used big pickle jar that I had saved.Lemons
  3.  I carefully dropped three eggs into the juice. The juice has to completely cover the eggs. I thought I had enough room, so I added a fourth egg. It turned out that the fourth egg wasn’t completely covered by the juice.
  4. I peeled and juiced 2 more lemons, and added the juice to the jar.
  5. Covered the jar loosely with a plastic food storage bag. I just slid the open end of the bag over the mouth of the jar.
  6. Put the jar in the fridge where it would not be moved or knocked over by kids.
  7. Twice each day, I stirred the egg and lemon juice as gently as I could.Lemon Egg In The Egg
  8. After 48 hours, I took the jar from the fridge, and gently removed the eggs with a spoon. Then, I stirred the mixture, recovered it, and put it back in the fridge for storage.

That’s it. It really was that simple. I hate wasting food, so I put the eggs in the oven to cook. I wanted to see if the lemon juice had altered the flavor of the eggs. Unfortunately, I had to run to the store while the eggs were in the oven, and I asked my son and my husband to watch the eggs. They were both working on projects and forgot about the eggs. They burned beyond tasting. Next time, I’ll try breaking the membrane and see if I can scramble the eggs.

Tell me your thoughts.