As promised here is my simple recipe for jalapeño honey.

Ingredients and Supplies

  • fresh jalapeño peppers
  • fresh, local honey
  • a canning jar


  • Wash jalapeños and slice long ways. If your jar is to small, you can slice the peppers across in roughly 1 to 1/2 inch pieces. As discussed previously, consider wearing gloves when working with jalapeño.
  • Fill your canning jar about 3/4 full with sliced jalapeño.
  • Add enough honey to the jar to fully cover all the peppers. Pour slowly and allow the air to escape.
  • Let this sit uncovered for about an hour to make sure all the air bubbles come to the top.You can speed this process by stirring the honey with a fork.
  • Put the lid on the jar. If you are going to let this sit longer than 2 weeks, I suggest using a water bath to sterilize the mixture.
  • Let sit on a counter, or other room temperature location for at least one week.The longer you let it sit the stronger your honey will be.
  • When it’s reached your desired strength, store in the fridge.

Tell me your thoughts.