It’s Vitamin D Season!

It’s winter! Okay, so it’s not *technically* Winter. However it’s winter in all the ways that matter.

What is the single, most important thing you can do for your health during the Fall and Winter months? 

Do you know? If you’ve been reading msquill for any length of time, or if you read any other health and wellness websites, surely you know the answer.

Take a Vitamin D supplement!

Most of the American population is deficient in D even in the summer months. During the winter you get very little D from sunlight because:

  1. There is very little sunlight 
  2. Most people spend as little time as possible outside during the cold months.

Colds, flu, random viruses, bacterial infections, heart attacks, and other health problems are more common during the Fall and Winter months. Vitamin D deficiency plays a part in that — in many instances a HUGE part. 

So, give yourself a gift this season — use a good Vitamin D supplement and take it in sufficient amounts to be effective. If you’re concerned about the possibility of overdose, then spend the money and get your levels tested. 

Personally, I take 50,000 IU once a week, and 5,000 IU 6 days a week. Yes, that’s a lot. But I have Multiple Sclerosis, and people with autoimmune conditions need more Vitamin D than those without. If you have dark skin, you should consider a Vitamin D supplement year round. People with darker skin tones don’t produce as much Vitamin D as those with lighter skin tones. 

Tell me your thoughts.