I burned my thumb!

Originally posted Jan 19, 2008

Most people would think I’m nuts for being excited about burning myself, but well.. when you have MS little things mean a lot, right?

I lost the ability to feel hot and cold in my hands when I was 17 or 18…I’m 37 now. . My left side has had the most sensation deterioration. I feel pressure, but not pain in all 3 fingers and the thumb on my left hand. My left pinky-finger has been mostly numb for years. I know when something is touching my pinky, but beyond that.. nothing. I’m famous for pulling hot things off the stove or from the oven sans oven mitt or potholder because I forget that I shouldn’t do that… it doesn’t hurt and so, I don’t think about it.

But, yesterday afternoon, as I pulled cheese crisps off the baking sheet for my kids’ lunch, I burned my left thumb. The thumb isn’t blistered, or even red, but man did it hurt enough that I dropped the cheese crisp and yelped. I’ve noticed that today my left pinky-finger tingles, too. Like when an arm or leg falls asleep and wakes back up. Sure it hurts every time I use that finger to type.. but yesterday I had no sensation in it at all… So.. that’s progress.

These little thing show me that my treatment methods for the MS are working. I started a new treatment last weekend, and I think it’s the new method that is giving me sensation back. I interviewed a brain researcher and hypnotherapist this weekend for a book series I’m writing, and while we were on the phone she asked if it was okay for her to work with me a bit on the stuttering so she could better demonstrate what it is that she does.

I agreed and she lead me through an exercise surrounding the stuttering. I’ve not stuttered ONCE since. But more importantly, she and I talked about the Spiritual nature of disease and how spiritual, emotional and physical health are interrelated. During that discussion, I told her of how I quit smoking by simply deciding I was done with it. No cravings, no temptation.. nothing. She made the comment that if I could do THAT, then I can overcome asthma and MS the same way.

Somehow I had forgotten that I used meditation, Spiritual Law, and paying attention to my thoughts to greatly improve almost fatal asthma 13 years ago. The asthma was so serious I was on daily steroid therapy and could not do a lot of things. Then I landed on a respirator and it scared the hell out of me. My pulmo told me “if the asthma doesn’t kill you in the next 5 years, the meds WILL” I came home from the hospital and studied herbal and spiritual medicine. A year later, I was completely off the meds and doing well.

I told her what I had experienced with asthma, and although she didn’t voice it, the unspoken comment was obvious… — why haven’t I used that knowledge in regards to the MS? —

Good question. So for the past week I’ve been using the techniques I used during the interview, along with the techniques I learned years ago to track down and eliminate the roots of the illness. It has been an interesting week. I’ve gone off the LDN and the supplements so that I can see if what I’m doing has any real effect on the symptoms. I am still following the gluten free, meat free, and processed food free diet.. our entire family eats that way to help treat mental illness and autism in my step kids.

so.. have I seen any real differences over the past week? I think I have. I’ve completely stopped stuttering, my balance is good, my thinking clear, even though I’ve been off the LDN for a week, and I have pins and needles in my left pinky finger even though it’s been numb for several years. Of course, it’s very possible that the changes I’m seeing are still residual effects from the LDN. I’ve had wonderful symptom reversal with LDN. I guess only time will tell.

If symptoms return, I will go back on the LDN

Tell me your thoughts.