Holistic Health

When addressing illness or wishing to maintain health many people look to take a holistic approach. Technically, holistic medicine aims to address the needs of the body, mind and soul. But in general practice the focus seems to omit the needs of the mind and soul. Thoughts about actually using the mind and soul to help create health seem to be  few and far between, as well.

I believe the mind is our most powerful tool toward perfect health. The human mind has the ability to make or break your health. Negative thoughts erode physical, mental and spiritual well being while positive and empowering thoughts fortify.  I believe you can have the healthiest diet, exercise regularly, and keep a healthful Ph level, but if you are negative in your thinking, that negativity will seep over and drown your health.

On the opposite, if a person focuses on positive thinking, uses imagery, and strives to banish all negativity from their thoughts, then good health will follow.

You may wonder how a person can attain health if they don’t focus on diet and exercise. Th answer is simple. By spending your energy envisioning your perfect health, you will be drawn to do, and eat those things which will give you health. When you visualize what you desire, you are letting Spirit (or God, or your subconscious–whatever you choose to call it) know what your goals are.Then all you have to do is listen. Spirit (or God, etc) will happily guide you to your greatest health.

Tell me your thoughts.