Herbal Honey–

Herbal Honey–

I’ve been looking for ways to get my daily ginseng without taking capsules. I like ginseng tea, but don’t always have time for a good cup of tea. You can preserve herbs in honey, and the qualities of the herb are also extracted into the honey. So, I concocted this yummy blend to use in teas or to drizzle over fruit salads.

1 part ginseng. Slice the ginseng like a carrot. If you’re using dried ginseng, it will be easier to slice if you soak it first.
1/2 part diced fresh ginger
1/2 part diced or crumbled cinnamon stick.

Place the herbs at the bottom of a wide mouth jar. Warm your honey by placing the closed honey container in a bowl or pitcher of hot water. When the honey is warm, pour enough honey over the herbs to completely cover them. 

Put a lid on the jar and let sit in a warm place for 2 or 3 weeks.

You can add any herbs you like to this mixture. Play around with it until you find a blend that suits your heath and your tastes.


Tell me your thoughts.