Happy -Whatever You Celebrate !

My family celebrates Christmas and Solstice.

In our house we celebrate each holiday in a way that is meaningful to us. That’s really what the holidays are about – acknowledging those things which are sacred to each individual.  I get bothered by people who insist that any holiday must be celebrated with specific rites or traditions. Holidays are created by humans. They are intended to serve humans. So many people throughout the world are shoulder-deep in stress right now in preparation for Christmas Day tomorrow. I believe those people would be better served if they relaxed, and stopped worrying about putting on the “perfect Christmas,” and they focused, instead on relaxing and enjoying the time they  have with family and friends.

I stopped making a big Christmas dinner 20 years ago. It was my oldest daughter’s first Christmas, and I wanted to spend that day doing things with her. The last thing I wanted was to be tied to the kitchen all day. So, I broke with the tradition of making turkey and all the trimmings for Christmas. On Christmas Eve night, I pulled out my crock pot and tossed in a roast, onions, garlic and lots of veggies. Christmas dinner was a perfectly tender roast and I didn’t have to step foot in the kitchen. I’ve made crock pot (as my family has grown, I now use an electric roaster set on 250 deg) dinners for Christmas every year.  I broke with tradition so that the holiday could serve me, instead of the other way around.

Now, we celebrate both Christmas and Solstice because those holidays are what speak to my family. I am willing to admit publicly that our Christmas is not an overtly religious one. We see Christmas as a time to honor family, celebrate our children, and give energy to peace through the world.  My celebrate Solstice in our own way,as well. For us,  it’s a time for introspection and planning. We evaluate our lives, and our goals and start creating our vision for the coming year. Actual goal planning comes later, closer to Near Year’s Eve, but for us, the process begins as we honor the hope and joy of the coming seasons and longer days. Often, the visions we see for ourselves on Solstice are carried through the new year and turn into fulfilled goals.

So, it’s with a hope that each of you allows the holidays to serve you, to bring you peace, joy and contentment that I wish everyone a Joyous Holiday.

Tell me your thoughts.