Happy Cells

About 20 years ago, in a Unity church in Mesa, Az, I met a minister named Joel Baehr.

The one thing I always loved about Joel was his attitude. He was always upbeat, always positive, always trusted in the absolute perfection of the Universe. In his sermons, Joel tended to focus a lot on physical healing. In fact, Joel was the person who set me on the road to healing.  My very first time attending the Unity church in Mesa, Joel’s sermon focused on the healing and beliefs of Myrtle Filmore, one of the founders of Unity. She was very sickly, and used many spiritual principles common to metaphysics to bring about her own healing. Mrs. Filmore recovered from her various health concerns, and went on to help her husband found the Unity movement. Hearing Myrtle Filmore’s story for the first time gave me hope.

Joel talked about healing frequently on Sunday mornings, and he worked hard to help the congregation learn, understand, and put into practice the same principles that were used by Myrtle Filmore, and so many others. He used original poems, meditations and songs to help get his messages across, and to aid in memory. It sounds silly; an entire church full of people singing upbeat, songs, often to the tune of well-known children’s songs, but it worked. It’s been about 20 years, and I still remember many of the songs and meditations Joel taught.

One Sunday, the song of the morning was “Every Little Cell.” It went like this:

Every little cell in my body is happy,

Every little cell in my body is well.

I’m so glad

Every little cell is happy and well.

We repeated this mantra in song at various tempos and dynamics for two or three minutes. Joel used this song frequently during the many years I attended his church.  I remember that at first, I felt silly singing this little tune, but it grew on me, and soon I found myself singing it to myself during the week any time I didn’t feel well. Whether the tune realigned my attitude, or my energy, the fact is that it helped. A few rounds of this tune and I started to feel better. Whether it was an asthma attack, bronchitis,  symptoms from what was then my “mystery illness” (the MS), or anything else, singing this tune to myself really did help.

The next time you’re feeling unwell, give it a try. You can sing loudly for the whole world to hear, quietly, under your breath, or silently, inside your own head. It’s not a quick fix, but then changing your attitude/energy takes time and practice. With enough repetition, this silly little tune really can help you feel better.

Interestingly enough… I did a search for the words “every little cell in my body is happy” on YouTube just a few minutes ago and found several pages worth of upload. This one has easy to understand words, and written lyrics. And, just because, here’s a link to the Unity of Mesa congregation singing for Joel in 2012




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