Had A Great Class Yesterday.

My family and I participate in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Yesterday we attended the annual event known as 12th Night. There was a lot going on, fighting contests, arts and sciences contests, children’s activities, lots of socializing, and classes.  SCA people like to share the results of their research. The typical event will host classes on a wide variety of skills, research, and discoveries about the Middle Ages.

I decided it would be fun to teach a class about what kinds of cough remedies were used in the Middle Ages. We discussed over 10 different herbs and how they were used “in Period.” I shared what we know today about those herbs, and whether or not I thought the herb would have worked, and how it would affect the body. Some herbs, like licorice, coltsfoot, and horehound are still used today for cough and other lung remedies. Others, like juniper, and cherry stems, are used for other things.  Some herbs  like radish, spinach aren’t considered medicinal herbs anymore, but are used exclusively for food. As we talked, students asked about other health topics and I answered questions and gave suggestions. Then, I gave students my recipe for herbal cough syrup. The recipe is modern, I developed it several months ago, but all ingredients were used in the Middle Ages, and so the recipe could have been used “in period.” I sent home a small sample of my cough syrup with each person.

It was a good class. I felt I shared a large amount of information about herbalism in the Middle Ages, and modern herb use. We discussed everything from coughs and lung disorders, to how disease was treated in the Middle Ages, and why out treatment methods are more effective. We also talked about migraine, autism, multiple sclerosis, cancer, the importance of clean water, muscle cramps after exercise, impotence, high blood pressure, pneumonia, cold and flu, and general health.

I hope the people who attended my class enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed teaching it.  I’m looking forward to seeing you all again!



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