Hey guys, I have a favor to ask.

I’m taking a certification class that will give me what I need to practice as a health coach in my state. As part of the class I have to complete 6 “Health Histories” with people, using the school’s forms, and format. These people can’t be family, friends, or current clients.

So, If you’re not a current client, and you’re willing to share about 45 minutes of your time with me to talk about your health and goals, I’d love to hear from you.

What’s in it for you?

When attend our scheduled on-line meeting, you’ll receive a free 30 minute consultation for the health issue that concerns you most. There’s no cost, and no obligation. I need to do these histories in order to get my certificate. Somebody is getting 30 minutes of my time and expertise for free, and I’d love to see that benefit go to my readers.

To get your free consultation, email me at yvette@msquill.com. Put “History Consultation” in the subject line.

Thanks!! And the biggest of blessings to you!


Tell me your thoughts.