Forced Vaccination?! I Thought This Was The United States?

The American Medical Association has no authority to require any person, of any age to do anything. They do not make laws, and they have no jurisdiction to enforce laws. Medical decisions are solely the responsible of the patient. Forced vaccinations are medical tyranny. How would people respond if the AMA dictated that every person had to submit to chemo and radiation to “prevent cancer’ or if they dictated that every American had submit to an arranged marriage to “avoid birth defects”?

Would you comply with those mandates? Of course not, so explain to me why forced vaccination is any different?

The State of California can do what they want. They are wrong, but the state probably can create the law. The AMA, however, has no legal authority to “require” anything.

Check out this post by Dr. Mercola. AMA Supports the Elimination of Parent’s Rights

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