Experimenting With CBD

About two weeks ago, I was talking to a colleague and she mentioned she had a client who was trying CBD extract to see if it helped with his RA pain.  She asked me if I had any experience with it, when I told her that I didn’t she offered to keep me updated on his experiences.

Two days later, she called me excited. Her RA client had called her to report that he was having a significant decrease in pain and stiffness, and increased mobility since starting the CBD extract. He had made no other changes, so was fairly certain the CBD was responsible for his improvement.

I started thinking about my own situation. I am doing very well- my SPMS stopped progressing a long time ago, and the symptoms I live with are manageable. But, there is room for improvement, room for adjustments, and refinement of my protocols. Some of my daily symptoms have been with me so long they seem “normal.”

I spent a full week researching the health benefits of CBD, how it’s extracted, the legal issues associated with CBC, and marijuana. I read research material and first person accounts of people who use CBD extract for a variety of medical conditions. I found doctor reports on-line, and even the Mayo Clinic has a page about dosing and benefits of medical marijuana. If you read their report carefully, you’ll notice they talk about many of the different beneficial chemicals by name. Since I don’t live in one of the twenty states where medical marijuana is legal, I have to be content with trying CBD extract.  It’s extracted from a different breed of hemp plant, and currently legal, and available without a prescription in all 50 states.

After researching, talking to others in my field, I decided to try CBD. I settled on an extract intended for vaping (ecigs). My decision was based entirely on cost and ease of acquisition. I ordered from a company called Miracle Smoke, because start-up was $54 and change (if I remember correctly). If it didn’t work for me, then I’d only be out $50. If it worked, then the cost to maintain wouldn’t be high, and I could upgrade to a better quality extract if funds allowed.

I ordered right before Christmas, and it seemed that it took forever to be delivered. But, it finally arrived on Monday.  I charged the ecig and waited.

Let me start by saying that I haveSPMS. I’ve done a lot of healing in the last 10 years. I’ve gone from needing a wheelchair outside my house, and needing help getting dressed There were days holding a fork was just about impossible. At my worst I was so dizzy I could not turn my head, and I had no balance. I had major pain in the soles of my feet that made simply standing up more painful than natural childbirth. (and I had all 4 of my kids without meds). I was always in severe pain. I was so brain fogged, that I actually got lost going home one day.  I couldn’t remember how to get home from a mile away. Fatigue was brutal. If I did anything at all, I was wiped out in an hour or two. My vision was horrible. I couldn’t read a book – even with glasses. Everything was blurry, and my eyes always hurt and watered.Like I said, I’ve come a long way in 10 years. Today, my daily symptoms are: low-level pain, muscle tightness, tightness in my back, occasional stuttering, occasional dizziness, minor fatigue – I need an hour nap 3 days out of 7. I have occasional, minor brain fog.  The dizziness, stuttering, fatigue and brain fog are managed by diet, LDN, and supplements.  (that’s all I’ve EVER done for the ms, and I’ve had it for over 30 years.) The tightness and low-level pain are with me always. My vision is usually good.  I have glasses for both distance and reading, but I don’t need them to drive, and the only time I need my reading glasses is if I’ve been on the computer to long, or eat something that causes a reaction.

For my first experiment, I tried 5 hits off the e-cig. .. It tasted horrible and was harsh on my throat.. I used to smoke a pack a day.. this stuff was harsh – like home rolled, unfiltered cigs. But,  I haven’t smoked in over 10 years., so it might be easier for more recent smokers.
But, more importantly, 15 minutes later the leg pain and stiffness that I’d been dealing with all day had faded significantly. The muscles in my neck and shoulders loosened up and I was able to turn my head fully -with my chin almost over my shoulder- for the first time in years. I could also put my head back without having to open my mouth. The muscles under my chin are always so tight that I can’t lean my head back without opening my mouth. I could do that without a problem.  Four hours later, I took another 7 hits. I felt more loosening of my neck muscles, and my back stopped hurting. At some point, I noticed the low-level pain in my feet was gone. That afternoon, I noticed that my typing speed was a bit faster and I was making fewer typing errors.
 I sat on the floor to watch a movie with my son. I didn’t have to keep moving because of leg and back pain. I was able to settle comfortably on the floor. When I got up from the floor, it didn’t hurt! I could get up and down fairly easily, with no pain.  I took my last hit around 4 or 5 pm. When I went to bed at midnight, my neck was still pretty flexible (for me), and I had no pain.
When I woke up the next morning, I had a massive headache in the middle of my neck. I get these when I sleep wrong, or when my neck muscles are super tight. I think the muscles tighten too much and pull the vertebrae in my neck out of alignment. It’s intense enough that 2,000 mg of Ibuprofen doesn’t touch it. It causes medium level dizziness, and upset stomach.  My husband suggested I try the CBD, so I did.  I took probably 7 hits. Ten minutes later, my husband started massaging my  neck and said he could feel the muscles loosening. Twenty minutes later the pain was mostly gone, my neck felt like it was moving back into alignment. After two hours, the pain started to come back,  so I went and took another 5 hits and the pain faded again. My shoulders, neck and calves continued to loosen up .
Those are my experiences with CBD after just about 24 hours. I don’t know if it will work for you, and I’m not recommending you try it.. But, maybe my experiences will help someone.
I will continue to share my experiences here.



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