Drugging The Public Drinking Water.This is a Joke, Right?

I ran across this article on Natural News this morning: Scientists Suggest Government Should Add Psych Drugs to Public Drinking Water  Go read the article, and come back. I’ll wait.


This ticks me off. Since when do “government officials” know what is better for my husband, my kids, my parents, my neighbors, or me than our medical providers do? If my doctor thought Lithium was something I needed, she would prescribe it for me. What about my animals who drink that water, or the plants that I water with my tap water? Do my dogs, cats, and chickens need Lithium? Do my neighbors cows, horses, goats and llama need Lithium?  What would a steady diet of low level lithium do to the meat my neighbors raise, or the eggs I get from my chickens? What happens to people who take other medications which interact negatively with Lithium? Are those people simply unable to drink tap water? What if those people are elderly patients on a fixed income who have to watch ever penny and can’t afford to buy bottled water. Is their only choice to use the Lithium laced water and take unnecessary chances with their lives? What about bathing and cooking? I’m going to assume that some amount of Lithium would absorb into the skin while bathing. After all, the skin is porous and most things do absorb through the skin. So, people who don’t want to be involuntarily drugged with Lithium have to buy bottled water to bathe and brush their teeth? That is ridiculous.

But, beyond that, what happened to personal choice? When a medical doctor prescribes lithium the patient must sign a consent form stating that they have been informed of the risks and benefits of this drug, and they accept those risks as acceptable. If we allow our governments to drug the entire population we give up our personal choices. Personally, I choose to use as few medications as possible for myself and my family. I do use some meds – I have asthma, and always keep my prescription Albuterol on hand. I use herbs and diet to control the asthma the best I can, but sometimes, I need a hit of my inhaler. But, that is MY choice. I decide if I’m going to take the medication my doctor prescribed. The “government” has no right to decide for me.

Medical decisions are between the patient and his/her doctor. No government has the right to make my medical decisions for me.

Tell me your thoughts.