Do food and supplements work?

A few weeks ago, someone asked if I ever get tired of taking all those supplements every day. You know, it does get tiresome. There are days I simply don’t want to be bothered, days I’m just to busy or forget. I even have days where I tell myself “nah.. I don’t have multiple sclerosis. It was all just a series of unrelated flukes. I don’t need all this stuff.”

There are days when I give in to cravings for a hamburger or a nice hunk of sourdough bread with butter.

Those are the days I fall down the stairs, limbs go numb, or can’t think through the MS fog. Those are the days I can’t talk on the phone because I stutter so badly or struggle to communicate because my wires get crossed and I can’t find the right words.

And, those are the days I experience so much pain get so exhausted that I can’t care for, or play with, my own children.

Gluten leaves me stuttering and off balance, unable to walk through my own home without bouncing off walls and running into things.

MSG takes away my balance, my vision and my ability to think straight.

A combination of all of those brings on depression and makes me miserable and difficult to live with… just ask my other half.

On the days I take my long list of supplements, my symptoms are barely noticeable.

Yes, there are ‘standard’ medications used to treat multiple sclerosis, but they don’t help to alleviate the symptoms. MS meds only work to slow the disease process, and only in some people.

I’ve had unrecognized signs of multiple sclerosis for 19 years, and a tentative diagnosis for 7 years.

I’m still walking, I still have 98 % of my physical and cognitive function. As long as I follow my food plan, listen to my body and take my supplements the effects of multiple sclerosis are minimal. Some of the supplements I take even help my body to heal the lesions that make up MS.


  • Bruce
    Posted November 21, 2007 10:41 am 0Likes

    It’s refreshing to hear someone speak up pertaining to supplements. There use to be a time when taking a pill was fast enough that no one complained about it. However, so many people don’t want to “take the time” to take natural supplements to help their body.

    Perhaps it’s only worthwhile to pop a pill when it’s for losing weight, or clearing acne, or making parts of the body grow. If it’s for physical appearance most people would rather take a pill than exercise, eat healthier, or let nature take its own course.

    If more people would take herbal supplements and eat right we would have a lot less medical problems.

    Thanks again for the entry. It was encouraging to read.


  • Susan
    Posted December 21, 2007 7:07 am 0Likes

    I would love to hear about what you take!!! Any suggestions would be wonderful.


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