Cross country move

I’ve been quiet, not for lack of something to say, but lack of time. We just completed 2000 mile move, and for a family of 8, that is no small task. We’re getting settled now, and finding a working routine in our new home. The kids ( we have 6 of um) love it here, as do my husband and I.

I’ve made some changes to my daily supplement routine. I’ve added 1000 mg of vitamin D, 2 or 3 times a day. I’ve recently switched to soy lecithin granules instead of the gel caps. Research suggests the granules are better absorbed by the body. And, I’ve switched to calcium citrate powder for the same reasons.

So far so good. With the stress involved in such a long move, you’d think I would have increased MS symptoms, but I’m doing better then I ever have. I think getting away from the Phoenix heat helped a lot. It is so nice to be able to go out and play with the kids or go for walks during the day. I feel like I’ve gotten part of my life back. The dizziness is still with me, but it is definitely related to the foods I eat. I get dizzy so seldom now, that I can actually track it back to the exact food.  I’ve been having bouts with “ms brain fog” but I’ve also been lax about taking my supplements every day. When I start feeling better, I get lazy and skip the pills, and of course, I start having symptoms again.  And of course, I’m trying to adjust my diet so that I can get the  extra nutrients my body seems to need without all the pills.

Right now, my most bothersome symptom is tightness in my calves. It’s always relieved by taking magnesium, but I can only take that every other day or so. My 21 month old is still breastfeeding once or twice a day, and when I take magnesium daily she has loose stools.

I wonder, are there any other breastfeeding moms out there who are treating their MS with herbs, supplements or diet? I’d love to hear how you manage MS and breastfeeding.

Tell me your thoughts.