Celebrating This Week!

We have great news to share. If you’ve been reading for any length of time, you know that I typically spend at least 25 hours every week driving my husband to-and-from work. His job is about an hour away from. I drive him to work, and then come home to make sure our 17 year old gets to and from his part-time job, and our 14 year old gets to and from her morning band rehearsal. After band, our 14 year old and I complete her homeschooling for the day, and in the early afternoon, I make the drive back out to get my husband from work, I’ve been doing this for a hair over 2 years, and it drains me and taxes my neurological system. Driving all the time is exhausting. Most days I spend more time in the car, than I do sleeping at night.

Sure, we could buy a second car. But it wouldn’t help the problem. My husband rarely drives anymore due to an on-going medical problem. He’s find driving short distances in our rural area, but regularly driving in a busy city with traffic is not such a great idea for him right now. Which means I do 95% of the driving for our family.

For the past year my husband has been looking for a remote job opportunity so we don’t have to make that drive every day. Last week, he got an offer for a company that sounds like a really good fit for him. The new job lets him do more of what he enjoys, and what he’s good at, and less of what he’s not. He’s excited to be able to work from our home office. Not only will this drastically reduce the amount we spend on gasoline, and car repair, but it frees up 4 – 5 hours each and every day for other things.

For my husband it means he can finally market his writing and photography. The change will give me 4 – 5 hours each day to work on bringing you health and wellness information in a variety of formats.

This week is all about planning and developing a time line to finish many of my “projects in progress.”

Celebrate with us! This is a great reminder that if you focus on what you want, and put out positive energy (in whatever form that looks like for you), that any situation can be healed and improved.. Whether your body, mind, spiritual health, family situation or job situation are in need of healing, nothing is impossible.

Tell me your thoughts.