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A short note about fear

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears. — Nelson Mandela ​ ​Every day we all make many choices. Choices about what we’ll do, what we’ll eat, and who we will talk to. Many people make those choices from a place of fear and don’t even realize it.  Take the time to look at the choices you’re making. Are…

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Learn To Show UP

It’s come to my attention that sometimes I avoid showing up for things. I’m not talking about skipping appointments, or not showing up to family events. I’m talking about showing up for myself. In my case, it’s often fitness activities. What does that mean? It means finding reasons, sometimes good ones, to avoid doing something. Let me give you an…

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Dr. Brownstein Is Using Hydrogen Peroxide To Successfully Treat Covid-19.

No matter where you stand on the topic of natural medicine, and no matter which side of the political spectrum you fall, this is big news. Or at least it should be. For those unfamiliar, Dr. Brownstein is a medical doctor outside of Detroit, Michigan. He’s been around for years, and operates a successful practice. The doctor is using a…

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Look At People – Not Through Them.

During a ( previously recorded, and replayed due to Covid) workshop I took recently, the presenter asked participants to try an experiment. She asked everyone in the audience to turn to the person sitting next to them, and look into their eyes. The instructions were to simply focus on looking in the eyes of the person across from you for…

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All Day Chemist

Medications in the United States are SO crazy expensive. One of my asthma meds costs over $200 an inhaler, and one inhaler is only good for 60 days. Another of my asthma meds costs over 50$ for less than a one month supply. Ten or twelve years ago, I was prescribed a medication for the MS called Low Dose Naltrexone…

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Great webinar on why IF works

If you’ve been thinking about trying Intermittent Fasting, here is a great webinar that covers the why, the how, and the science. Actually, the free ebooks you receive for signing up do an excellent job of explaining the basics. (No, I am not involved with the people offering the webinar. I’m not an affiliate, and I don’t get paid if…

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Free Consultation

Hey guys, I have a favor to ask. I’m taking a certification class that will give me what I need to practice as a health coach in my state. As part of the class I have to complete 6 “Health Histories” with people, using the school’s forms, and format. These people can’t be family, friends, or current clients. So, If…

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Faith Will Get Us Through

Wow. What a month it’s been, huh? It seems we’re in for a wild ride this year. Change is stressful under the best of circumstances, and let’s be real— what’s going on in our world right now does not qualify as the “best” of anything.

But, it’s not the worst, either. Or, it doesn’t have to be.

Sure, things are tough right now. A lot of people have lost their jobs, either permanently, or temporarily. Quite a few have lost their lives to this virus. Businesses are closed, our government has asked (or ordered, depending on where you live) people to stay home. Routines have changed as businesses and schools move to a work from home model. Buying toilet paper is a challenge in a lot of places.

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