Brisbane Toddler Dies 12 Hours after Flu Shot

Stories like these make my soul ache.

These poor parents.. to lose a child because you followed the advice of your doctor is just horrid. Parents are supposed to be able to trust their child’s doctor to help them make the best decisions for their children. And unfortunately, most doctors still believe the flu shot propaganda.

I’m sure there are some people for whom a yearly flu shot makes sense. I’m just not sure who those people really are.  The FDA, WHO, and a bunch of other medical organizations who seem to think they have become God suggests that just about everyone get a flu shot, but  are our human immune systems really so weak as to be unable to fight off a simple virus that has been around for much of human history? I don’t think so.

Independent studies show that the flu shot is NOT effective against the flu.

So why do these big organizations continue to insist we need to inject flu virus and animal DNA into our arms every year? I have my theories, but I won’t go into that here. I’d much prefer readers do their own research, read the independent studies.. the ones the FDA, WHO and big pharmaceutical companies discredit and discourage us from taking seriously.

If more doctors, pharmacists, and regular people were willing to jump in up to their hips and do their own research, instead of blindly listening to these huge organizations, and repeating their misguided statements to unsuspecting parents, maybe together we could save the lives of a few people.

Personal Note:

You know, I have severe asthma. Before I turned to natural medicine, I had to go to the emergency room several times month for my asthma. Typically, I spent at least one full week out of every month on a hospital floor, many times in ICU, because modern medicine was unable to control my asthma. I got the flu every single year, and every year it turned into bronchitis, and then, most years, pneumonia. But, like a good little patient, I kept taking that flu shot. I never expected the shot was part of the problem.

Fast forward to present day…. I eat cleanly, take supplements and herbs which balance my systems and give my body the extra nutrients it needs. I exercise almost daily, and spend time in meditation daily. I am working on balancing my adrenals, which have been depleted by years of asthma medications. I have multiple sclerosis, but have been able to reverse disabling symptoms, and stop the progression.

And.. interestingly enough, I have not gotten the flu once since I stopped taking the annual flu shot.

One of my children was in public school when the H1N1 virus hit the local school. My child was the only child in her class who was NOT vaccinated against the flu….and she was also the only one who did NOT get sick with it.

What did we do? Well, all my kids eat as clean a diet as we can manage, no gluten, no sugar, no artificial chemical. I make all our meals from scratch. I don’t always buy organic, but we do try. We keep everyone’s immune system healthy and strong by, among other things, making sure vitamin D3 level are at their ideal.

Tell me your thoughts.