Be True to Yourself

I’m in the middle of writing a book that teaches readers how to manage Seasonal Affective Disorder naturally. The book includes information about herbs, supplements, diet, acupressure, energy healing, aromatherapy, light therapy, Vitamin D and a few other things. The book offers a lot of really good, practical and useful information and I believe in it.

And yet, I’m struggling to get the book written. I’d like to say that it’s a time issue. We are a really busy homeschool family, but if I’m honest with myself it’s not a time issue, it’s a procrastination issue. I get up at 530 am, so I have a good chunk of the morning to write. And I am writing, just not on this book.

So, this morning I used my daily Morning Pages time to explore why I am procrastinating on this book. I don’t know that I came up with any solid answers during my 25 minute “writing meditation,” but I did explore some interesting ideas about being true to myself in my writing.

The most influential book of my life up until this point was a novel called “High and Outside.” I don’t know where the book came from— I found it.. somewhere along the route between school and home one day in 4th or 5th  grade. But the story about a teen-aged alcoholic gave me hope. I didn’t struggle with addiction, but someone in my family did, and that person’s addiction colored every day, every minute of my young life. I kept that book in my purse and read and re-read it for months. Eventually I stopped reading it, but the book stayed in my purse. Until one day it wasn’t. I have no idea where it went, or what happened to it. It was just gone. I have always believed that finding that book was Spirit working in my life. So, not only did I gain a sense of hope from the story, but I gained a huge measure of faith from finding the book–a faith that Spirit/God was supporting me and that the universe really was conspiring for my greater good.

While I was remembering these things this morning, it occurred to me that I have the knowledge and experiences to write similar stories. Novels and short stories that could help teens with family issues gain hope and understanding, and the ability to begin to see a way out.

Natural health is still important. Every person on this planet needs the information I share about health. Good physical, spiritual, and mental health is absolutely vital to living a full and fulfilling life. And in our drug saturated, pill-popping, GMO and fake-food over run world most people are not exposed to solid, reliable information about how to BE healthy. I’ve met too many people who didn’t even understand what good health was.

So, sharing what I’ve learned about health through books, seminars and classes is still very much important to me. I desire to help people find their way back to health.  But, what I realized this morning is that I also desire to help pre-teens and teens who have challenging home situations learn to believe in hope, learn to rely on themselves, and learn that they truly are able and responsible to overcome the circumstances of their childhood.

I’m not saying I had a miserable childhood. I didn’t. There were a lot of good things going on in my family. I come from a line of strong, resourceful, resilient, and intelligent women. But that is a revelation made as an adult. As a pre-teen and teenager, things looked pretty rough. And if you remember back to your teen years, everything seems more dramatic and intense than it is.

Can I write stories that help pre-teens and teens overcome whatever challenges their family is facing and realize they are responsible for their future and that there is hope?

I’m not sure, but I do think writing these stories will help ME overcome my procrastination when it comes to natural health. Both of these topics are important to me, and helping both groups of people is part of my personal mission. I haven’t been true to myself, and my writing is suffering for it.


  • Sara
    Posted February 13, 2017 1:25 pm 0Likes

    I believe strongly that we are prompted by a force greater than ourselves. When it inspires us, we must take action to follow those prompts. When you do, it opens up amazing things – inside and out.

    • ydavis
      Posted February 14, 2017 8:10 am 0Likes

      I agree. Unfortunately, sometimes I’m not so great at listening to that inspiration. I get caught up in “Should” and “ought to” and “I have a responsibility to.” Interestingly enough, when I was younger I was much more likely to follow my inspiration and dreams where ever they led. It always worked out for my best, even if the road was not easy. Somewhere along the way I lost the open heart and willingness to listen. This year is about reclaiming that, I think.

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