Aug 9,2007

I have a sweet tooth, and chocolate is my downfall. So, when my 11 yr old brought home a bag of Tootsie Rolls a week ago, I knew I was in trouble. I hid them in the back of a cabinet and promised myself I’d stay away from them.

And I did, too. Until yesterday. Yesterday, my 4 yr old son brought me and handful of candies, “Here mommy, I’m sharing with you. Have some chocolate with me.” He proceeded to plop in my lap and open a candy for me so he could feed it to me.

Say it together now… “awww… what a sweet kid.”

Yeah, he can be. And I just couldn’t tell the kid no. So we sat there and fed each other a couple Tootsie Rolls.

Three hours later I could barely stand up. The dizziness hit me as I was making dinner, I turned around to get something from our pantry and fell over into the counter. My husband came home from work to find me leaning against the counter and holding on for dear life. He brought me a chair, and as the dizziness started to fade, asked me, “So.. what did you eat today?”

The only thing processed, or even different, that I ate yesterday was those 4 little Tootsie Rolls my son gave me.

It just goes to prove, one more time, that what I put in my body effects the symptoms I experience. I know processed foods are bad for the MS. My body proves this time and time again. If I stay away from processed food, and stick with whole, real food, I have virtually no symptoms whatsoever. But when I stray and eat purchased veggie burger, candy or anything else that has added preservatives, msg, or chemicals, I have numbness, dizziness or MS brain fog.

Tell me your thoughts.