Another MS Healing Story—Guest Post

I’ve known Janet on-line for close to 12 years. She struggled to find answers. Like me, doctors told her there was no hope for recovery, no hope she’d ever walk again. She was told Multiple Sclerosis would take her ability to function, leave her unable to do many things for herself, and would, eventually take her life.

And, like me, Janet rejected the opinion of the “experts.” She learned everything she could about HER body, and HER symptoms, and she talked to people, she researched alternative healing, and alternative diagnosis. Janet eventually learned that maybe she didn’t have MS after all. Maybe something ELSE was causing her symptoms— something the majority of modern doctors don’t look for. Something many of them don’t even believe exists. Janet had candidiasis, a systemic overgrowth of yeast throughout her body.

After recurring and progressive problems starting from the age of 14 that eventually put her in a wheelchair Today, at age 66 Janet is doing things the doctors told her were not possible.


Here’s Janet’s story in her own words.



Janet’s Journey (as at 2 years 9 months on the Ann Boroch Protocol)

Long post but it may help someone.

Recurrent throat problems at 14, IBS at 24, Panic attacks and MVP (Mitral Valve Prolapse) at 34, PPMS (Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis) at 44. Symptom-free, kicking the wheelchair to one side and standing at 66.

Diagnosed PPMS in 1995, in a wheelchair shortly after, which is where I thought I’d stay, either that or bedridden, for the rest of my shortened life.

DMD-free, BBD (Best Bet Diet) (similar to Wahls before Wahls appeared) for 11 years helped slow further progression, CCSVI treatment sadly did not last. Intensive physiotherapy woke some parts up. TMJ treatment helped sleep and balance very slightly. Cannabis eased everything.

Still far from well.

I had to have half my food cut for me, blurred vision, slurred speech, horrendous food intolerances, 24/7 pain, spasms, fear, panic attacks, incontinence, anaemia, low body temperature, cold feet, constipation, fruit cravings, cysts, abdominal distension, tinnitus, ear itchiness, ear ache, feeling worse with perfumes, fumes, tobacco smoke or dampness, spots in front of eyes, excessive tearing, itchy eyes, athlete’s foot, itchy arches, swollen feet, toes and ankles, vaginitis, general feeling of illness, itchy scalp, sores on scalp, low blood sugar, IBS, Mitral Valve Prolapse, coated and cracked tongue, mouth ulcers, dry mouth, numb feet, tingling legs and hands, almost no muscle strength, toe nail fungus, oddly-shaped toe nails, needle-like pain, arthritic-type pain, tightness in chest, shortness of breath, irritability when hungry, eczema, liver spots, white spots, sore throat, hoarseness, cough, spots on tongue, difficulty urinating, unable to empty completely, constant UTIs, zero balance.

I could only sit up in bed if I was propped into position.

It would take about half an hour to manually move everything to turn over and by the time I’d done it, the other side would start hurting.

To get out of bed – 5 minutes to get to the edge of the bed to dangle my legs over the edge to transfer onto the wheelchair, many times needing help to lift me.

I rarely got to the bathroom in time, usually could transfer unaided with difficulty and spasming legs. Often unable to pull up pants by self. Unable to go anywhere for more than 20 minutes without finding a rest-room.

It was difficult to clean my teeth even seated and with an electric toothbrush.
I used to have to be wheeled into the shower, helped to transfer to a shower seat, left to shower alone but with the door open for any panics, collected afterwards and helped to transfer back which would usually take at least 5 minutes for my legs to stop spasming then a mad dash for the loo again, wouldn’t make it and would have to go through the whole routine again.

I was just so fed up of merely existing and with no energy to do anything, no comprehension to join in a conversation and anyway I spent my life in the bathroom bent double in a wheelchair mopping up puddles.

It never occurred to me to question the diagnosis rather than just accept my fate.

I got rid of my neurologist, who only wanted to peddle drugs anyway, and Googled my way back to life.

If I could just get rid of a few of those symptoms whatever I found would be worth a try.

Bulls Eye!

My symptoms not only fitted MS but also Candidiasis so I set off to fix the latter and would pick up the MS pieces when I saw what remained.

I chose the Ann Boroch Candida Protocol (ABP) which was the strictest I could find so had a chance of working. Ann herself had MS and in 4 years had gone from bedridden to normal for now over 20 years by following this protocol.

The protocol is severe. I suffered 2 months of solid die off (Herxheimer reactions), my symptoms worsened, old symptoms returned, I lost a vast amount of weight that I didn’t have to lose and felt dreadful. I had heard this was all part of the cleanse so I kept going.

I have exercised through the whole MS nightmare and at last it is all paying off.

Yoga and stretching – I could free-fall onto a yoga mat but needed to be picked up and placed back in the wheelchair at the end. Now I just do it alone. All exercises are much improved, standing exercises now possible too.
Swimming – I used to go down the steps from the house seated, transferred by wheelchair to the edge of pool and tipped onto the ground. Rolled into water. Swam when body had stopped spasming. Right leg would not move at all and the rest was rather feeble. Cramp would cut in within 15 minutes. Hauled out of pool and plonked back in chair. I’d often shake uncontrollably for 5 minutes. Now I just swim, alone. No spasming, no cramp, swim in a quarter of the time and do an hour’s fast swimming non stop. No breathlessness. All strokes normal.
Vibrogym – impossible to use even with help to get me on it. Now 10 minutes a day standing, no help needed.
Static Cycler – impossible. Feet would spasm out of pedals, the stronger leg would push the machine away. Now half an hour a day at the fastest speed.
Exercise Ball – impossible even with someone helping. Now I can use it alone and can resist pushing from whichever angle.

Day to Day activities

Eating – CCSVI treatment had stopped swallowing difficulties but I still found it hard to cut things, Now all totally normal.

Machine sewing – disastrous. Now normal but I still mainly operate the foot pedal with the stronger foot.

Cooking – Could get up steps to kitchen with handrail and person but as soon as I’d got there I’d have to be helped back down to go to the bathroom. Unable to do more than cut a few vegetables and arrange food. Now I can get up the steps and back down using a handrail, use a walker to the fridge, stand at cooker. I couldn’t even stand propped up before.

Dancing – unable to stand without all-round support. Now I dance to at least 5 fast CD tracks a night.

Strength – could not lift a bottle, open jars, or lift an iron with water in it, ironing limited to 3 CDs before worn out. Now all normal and can iron all day (biggest downside of getting well!).

Cleaning – could (but didn’t) dust up to waist level from wheelchair, unable to switch on or move vacuum. I can now operate the vacuum standing if holding onto something occasionally. Can stand to dust and to clean windows.

Walking – after intensive physiotherapy I was able to walk in a bent up fashion with two handrails but breathing would floor me in minutes. For climbing or descending steps one leg needed to be physically placed on each step by someone else. Now I walk 600 metres a day with a handrail and the same again with a person and no stick with no breathing issues and can tackle stairs alone as long as there is a handrail. I can walk up and down steps as a normal person instead of one half step at a time.

My general mood used to be worried, anxious, scared. Now I am happy, no worries, feels like I can conquer anything.

For anyone still reading, of that horrendous list of symptoms possibly caused by Candida I have got rid of the lot apart from one liver spot not completely faded yet, balance is vastly improved but not 100% yet. Tinnitus still reappears and the 2-decade non-moving foot will now flex all toes and the ankle. I can feel the floor, no numbness or pins and needles, no heavy legs feeling full of concrete. Knees will now bend and flex when I stand and I can stand properly upright again but do need support on one side to walk but after almost 20 years in a wheelchair it is going to take a while longer to completely rebuild the strength in the weak leg.

I have heaps of energy and feel better than I did when I was 30. My life has changed for the better to where I never thought possible.

To have zero pain, fear, worry, confusion, spasms or any of that horrendous list of symptoms above it has been worth sacrificing sugar. I love my new food and shall always eat this way. In my opinion there is no healthier way.

If you too suffer even just a few of the same symptoms that I lived with for nearly 20 years, this could well be your answer. It isn’t easy but it is possible.

Now you can see why I won’t shut up about candida. To discover after 2 decades that you do not have an incurable, progressive illness but something that is curable through diet is like being given a second chance at life.

My MS was systemic candidiasis.

I am NOT in Ann Boroch/anyone else’s pay. I am NOT selling anything. I am passionate about having found the missing piece of my jigsaw. If anyone wants a hand doing this, message me or find me on Facebook – I rarely talk about anything else these days and my husband must be bored silly.
Plugging on for another year.





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