An Update on the CBD Oil

It’s been a couple of weeks since I started the CBD oil, here’s what I’ve noticed.

  • Decreased muscle stiffness
  • Increased stamina
  • Increased energy
  • Less brain fog
  • Faster typing
  • Easier saxophone playing
  • Tire less quickly when playing sports
  • Mixing words up less often
  • Increased sensations
  • Increased interest in sex
  • More patience
  • Less overload
  • I need to use less of the CBD oil as time goes on.
  • Lower blood pressure

When I first started taking the CBD oil, I was using it at about 3-5 hits, three times a day. That was just enough to keep the muscles in my neck loose enough that I could turn my neck “normally.” (gauged as before the ms took that movement away). I used that as my baseline because it’s easily measured, easily tested, and a constant measurement. Before ms, I could turn my head far enough to put my chin almost over my shoulder. Until I started the CBD oil, I had trouble turning my head my head far enough to check for traffic while driving. I had to twist at the waist to see properly.  Things like energy,  feeling in the fingers, patience, and brain fog are subjective, and difficult to measure. Neck movement is more objective – I can either do it, or I can’t.

When I started noticing a decrease in neck movement, I took the next dose.  I’ve noticed that over the last week, the time between doses has increased. When I first started the CBD oil I went about 4 – 5 hours between uses. Yesterday, it was 12 hours after my morning hits before I noticed my neck muscles starting to lock up again. It is possible that I just didn’t notice since I was out, and busy, all day yesterday, but I don’t think so.

Yesterday evening at band practice, I noticed that I had an easier time seeing my music, and more importantly, I was able to keep up with the faster parts of my music. Before the CBD oil, there were parts of our music that I had to “adapt” (only play every other note or so in a 1/16th note run, for example), because my fingers simply could not move quickly enough anymore. Yesterday, I was able to play that 1/16th note run and play every note, without a problem.  And no.. the difference is not more practice. I’m only practiced twice since our last concert in the beginning of December. (yeah.. I know.. Bad Band Member)

Since I started the CBD oil, I’ve had an overall improvement in my energy and stamina levels. Simply put, I can do more, and I need naps less. I was overcome with a massive wave of afternoon tired only once in the last two weeks. That’s down from 3-4 times a week. Along with that, I’ve been more active.  I am exercising 30 minutes each day by either walking, working the pell and punching bag, doing strength or aerobic activities on the Wii Fit Plus game, or going for a bike ride. In addition to my work outs, I make it a point to follow Dr. Mercola’s advice and take between 5000 and 12,000 steps each day.  All that activity and I’m not exhausted or run down!  Before the CBD oil, I simply could not do that much.

I think, although I can’t be totally sure, that the CBD oil helped to reduce an MSG reaction. We went out to dinner  a few nights ago, and I reacted to something I ate. By the time we left the restaurant my balance was gone, my vision was funky and I was stuttering. When we got home, I took an extra 2 hits of CBD oil. Symptoms started to go way in about 15 minutes.  An hour later, all MSG symptoms were gone, and I was back to my typical self.  I’m not sure the two are related, but it’s possible.

I like the fact that I’m using less CBD oil as time goes on. To me, that indicates that actual healing may be happening, instead of only symptom relief. That’s an important distinction to me. I don’t want to simply cover up symptoms. My goal is to heal my body. I’ve come a long way in that regard, and this seems to be one more healing tool for me.



Tell me your thoughts.