All Day Chemist and LDN

All Day Chemist and LDN

For the last several years, I have suggested people who use LDN, but can not get a prescription for it go to All Day Chemist and buy Naltrexone to make their own LDN by following directions found elsewhere on the web. 

That is no longer the case. 

For reasons unknown to me, All Day Chemist is no longer selling LDN without a prescription. In fact, now, you have to CALL them in person in order to order Naltrexone at all. What I find interesting is that this change came about only a few days after President Obama signed the health care bill into law. 

How does this help Americans? We are now unable to obtain a needed medication from the lowest cost source. Sure, you can get a script, and order Naltrexone from ADC if you wish. But there are THOUSANDS of people like me, who are unable to obtain a prescription, not because we don't need or benefit from the drug, but because, as is my case, there is not an LDN prescribing doc in my entire state. I would have to drive over 10 hours to see an LDN doc. Not only is that not in our budget, but it's not possible with my family's schedule, either. 

There are other sources of naltrexone, but ADC had the best prices over al. I've ordered naltrexone and asthma meds (for which I do have a script) from ADC for the past several years and I have found their prices to be the best in the business. Their service is good, there has never been a mistake with my order, the meds I have received have always been of equal quality to US purchased drugs, and my items always arrive in US Customs within a very reasonable time frame. question to big pharma government is this.. HOW does restricting my ability to freely purchase naltrexone improve health care in America?

It doesn't .

The only people helped by this restriction are doctors, and American drug companies. 

I need to research the best place to purchase naltrexone. I will report my findings here. 

Tell me your thoughts.