3 days on ldn

On Sunday, I went off all my supplements in preparation for receiving and starting the ldn. I want to be supplement free so I know what, if anything the low dose naltrexone is doing for me. After a few weeks on just  the ldn, I will reevaluate my supplements, decide what I need to continue taking, and add those supplements back in. I am still following my gluten free, dairy free, chemical free and meat free eating.

I received my order of Naltrexone on Tuesday afternoon. Mixed it and started my first dose Tuesday night.

Day 1

I started with 1.5 mg at bedtime. Since it was such a small amount, and my first dose, I didn’t expect anything at all.

30 min after I took that dose, my left ear started to buzz. It sounded like a fly in my ear. This lasted maybe 15 minutes. One of my MS symptoms is a constant high pitch ringing in my ears.

at the same time, my limbs started to feel heavy. Not weak, just heavy. This is one of the side effects of ldn and it usually goes away as your body gets used to the med, so although it was unnerving, it wasn’t worrisome

I had a little bit of trouble sleeping – again, a common side effect when you start ldn.

When I finally fell asleep I had vivid dreams, not scary, just vivid.Again, common

The next morning, my face itched but I felt good. Better, in fact than I’ve felt in 15 years. I’m usually sore, stiff and in a lot of pain first thing in the morning. It takes a good hour for that morning pain to wear off and go away. Wednesday morning, there was NO pain, No stiffness. Nothing.

Through the course of the day, I noticed my vision was a lot clearer than it has been in months. I could read the numbers on our wall calendar from across the room. I’ve not been able to do that since this time last year.

My thinking was a good bit clearer, no “ms brain fog” at all.

My kids noticed I had a good bit more patience and  I didn’t go into overload at all .

My left arm was numb and weak most of the day. I had trouble using the arm for much of anything, but one of the effects of ldn is that your body “revisits’ old symptoms before they disappear. It’s a healing reaction.

Wednesday night, as I got tired, I did not start to stutter, nor did I lose my balance. Usually, getting tired leaves me bouncing off walls and sounding like Porky Pig with speech problem. Not so on Wednesday. I had a little vertigo, but nothing that knocked me off my feet.

Took 1.5 mg ldn at bedtime and went to sleep.

Day 2

Woke up Thursday morning feeling great!  Still no stiffness or soreness in joints or limbs. Felt pretty much the same as on Wednesday.

Wednesday afternoon, I was outside playing with the kids, and I my 2 yr old asked me to spin her around. Usually even the slightest spinning puts me on the floor and steals my balance and speech for hours. As I stopped spinning and leaned over to put my toddler down, my two older kids stepped into position to catch me.

I didn’t need them to.

I wasn’t dizzy, I didn’t fall over, nothing.

I was able to spin her again 10 minutes later with no ill effects.

My husband says I seem to have more energy and I’m in a much better mood. (major fatigue and depression are also part of the MS). He claims to be able to see a difference in my face. Says I’m less pale and more vibrant.

Took bedtime dose of 3.0 mg

Day 3

So far, I feel the same as I did yesterday. No major differences, but it’s not even 10 am here yet, so I have the whole day ahead of me. I have noticed some minor pain in my fingers and hands, and I had a short (less than 2 second) dizzy spell but since pain and dizziness are both major symptoms for me, it could be a healing symptom.

I will keep you all updated.

Tell me your thoughts.