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I’ve been quiet these last two weeks.  I’ve been spending my time wrapping up projects and getting things finished. Every November, I start thinking about what I want to accomplish during the upcoming year. Of course, in order to do that I need to get a realistic look at what I’ve accomplished during the current year. I do that evaluation at the end of October each year. This year’s evaluation revealed that I had a lot of unfinished projects.  I had to decide which projects to focus on for the remainder of this year, which projects to carry over to next year, and which projects to scrap entirely. Thankfully there are very few projects in that last category.

But in my evaluation I discovered that I was not giving the Primal Health Coach certification class the time and attention it deserved. At the end of October, I had about 2 weeks worth of work left in complete the class. I decided that I could best serve my clients, and myself, by making that class my number 1 priority.

I’ve done that, and I am now finished with the Primal Health Coach certification program. I completed the final exam this afternoon and received my official certification. The course consisted of 16 modules and covered everything you could ever want to know about the primal lifestyle.  There was a LOT of information, and a lot of science.


I’ll share more about the class later, but for now, I wanted to announce that I am now a certified Primal Health Coach.


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