I Am Not an “MS Victim”

Yesterday, I wrote an article that I had intended on posting here. However, after my husband read it, he suggested that I submit the article to Lewrockwell.com instead. I did, and the article was posted on LRC this morning.

Here’s the link. I hope you take the time to go over and read it.

One comment “I Am Not an “MS Victim”

  1. MS can be cured by vitamin D3, but it is not available from the sun above 33 degrees latitude (Atlanta, Ga) from 15 October through 15 April. You need to supplement, 10,000 IUs summer and 20,000 iUs winter. I had been using 5000 IUs daily then I lost 2 teeth, (72 y/o male) after searching I found and purchased a book “High Dose Vitamin D” see link below. I am 5 ft 11 in and 233 lbs, hopefully this high dosing will help on weight loss. You must take it with vitamin K2, it will keep calcium in the bones and teeth, I was not taking K2 and I had teeth problems. Also, taking one of the seven or eight forms of magnesium is needed. Calcium small doses.

    another option is to use the UVB light to generate vitamin d3.



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